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11Aug. 2014

Workers Compensation Insurance 101

Workers Compensation gives U.S. workers the right to collect federal money as a result of becoming disabled while on the job. Insuring Workers Compensation has become a staple of standard business insurance packages.

Who Is Eligible For Benefits?

Any worker in the United States is eligible to file for workers compensation if he or she receives some sort of physical trauma while performing assigned job duties. Even minors who are officially employed part time have the right to file a claim for workers compensation. The process begins by reporting a job related injury to a high level superior in a company, organization or other entity. Workers should never be intimated to come forward and report injuries even if the employer might be found negligent.

The Claim Process

Evidence needs to be presented in any workers compensation claim. First of all, the injuries have to be confirmed by licensed physicians and other experts such as chiropractors and physical therapists. The next step is to prove that the injury has occurred at a job site as a result of doing specific assigned tasks. Video cameras in commercial buildings can often be used to support the claims of injured workers. Additionally, some forensic investigations could be conducted to verify serious injuries leading to loss of limbs and heavy bleeding.

Types of Workers Compensation Benefits

The amount that injured workers collect depends on the severity of disability. Terms such as Permanent Partial Disability and Temporary Partial Disability are used to officially classify workers compensation insurance cases. Quite naturally, workers that have become severely injured are entitled to collect a maximum amount of monthly benefits. Vocational Rehabilitation programs are also available to help injured employees overcome their physical trauma through medical treatment, physical therapy and other similar methods. Additionally, social security disability benefits could be claimed as a supplement to workers compensation insurance.



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