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11Jan. 2017

When Should You Buy Life Insurance?

If the only thing you know about life insurance is what you’ve learned from TV commercials, it’s time to rethink a few things. No matter what stage you’re at in life, having a life insurance policy in place is a good idea.

Life Insurance When You’re Single

If you’re single, you may think no one will have anything to worry about when you die. Think again. Your family will be stuck with funeral costs, and possibly other debts.

Life Insurance When You’re Married

Most couples are a two-income family these days. If you die, how will your spouse pay the mortgage, credit cards, and other living expenses? When you’re gone, they’ll be left with the same expenses, and if they didn’t already work outside of the home, it’s going to be even more difficult. Buying life insurance will give them the space to grieve instead of worrying about paying the bills.

Life Insurance When You Have Young Children

Having kids is expensive. Now imagine if your spouse was left to raise them alone. Between daycare, education, and the basic necessities, one less income will make this even harder. If you’re a stay-at-home-parent, you need a life insurance policy, too. Without you there to take care of your children, your spouse will have to pay someone to watch them, cook and clean, and do all of the things you did.

Life Insurance When Your Children are Older

It’s nice to think that as our children get older and move out, we’ll have less to worry about. But as parents, you never stop trying to take care of them. They’ll still have cars, college, and weddings to enjoy. When you die, a life insurance policy can make sure you’re able to continue providing for them. When your kids are in college, consider buying an additional $100,000 five year term policy over and above what you already have. This way, your kids’ college education will be paid for.

Life Insurance When You’re Retired

Hopefully you have a long, full retirement ahead of you and you’re able to enjoy the rest of your life for many years. Give yourself and your spouse peace of mind with a life insurance policy that will help cover funeral expenses and lost income. A good policy will also allow you to leave your children an inheritance and help pay any estate tax that may be owed.

Many people think of life insurance as something for “other” people, but even a small policy can be a big help to the family you’ll leave behind when you die. Give your grieving family one less thing to worry about and give yourself the comfort of knowing those you love will be taken care of.

Need a quote for a new life insurance policy or have questions about your existing policy? We can help you choose the right policy for your life.


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