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19Aug. 2016

Whatever Floats Your Boat: Boat Safety Tips

Ahhh....blue sky, the occasional sea gull, the gentle rocking of a wave.  Are you in heaven?  Nope....you are enjoying your boat.  There is nothing better than a perfect weather day if you have a boat.  Pack up a great lunch, your family and friends and head out onto the open water.  Not only is it a great way to cool off on a warm summer day, but it is a wonderful way to relax and connect!  Whether you are diving in to the water or taking control of your boats' steering wheel, it is important to make sue that you are prepared if an accident were to occur.  No body thinks anything bad will happen, but the truth is, I almost ran over my step brother.  I was steering a speed boat and he was tubing.  I had never driven a boat before and my father was yelling to steer right.  I heard him and went in the direction I thought I was supposed to but started heading directly for him. The look of fear in his eyes I will always remember!  Thankfully his quick thinking caused him to jump and he got into the boat just before it sucked him under.  It could have been so much worse and I think I cried for 3 days as a result of what "could have" happened.  Here are some thoughts to be sure your trip off land is a successful, fun and happy one!

  • Travel only in areas open to your type of boat.

  • Always operate your boat at a safe speed.  Just because your boat CAN go that fast.....doesn't mean it SHOULD go that fast.  Remember precious cargo is with you.

  • Carry a Coast Guard approved life vest (PFD) for each person on board. Don't forget your pets! They have specialty life preservers for animals and if you love them enough to bring them with you, I would imagine you love them enough to protect them!

  • Make every effort to always go boating with a partner.

  • Make certain your trailer is in proper working condition.  Check your lights on the trailer and indicators before heading out to your destination.

  • Never mix boating with alcohol.  People...really. It is moving object, capable of tremendous speeds that can crash and cause severe damage or death just like a car can.  Please treat it with the same respect.

  • Boat defensively.  Just like you drive defensively, being on the water requires the same thought process. Just because you follow the rules doesn't mean everyone does, so be on the lookout for others and reckless behavior and avoid it if possible!

Boating has the potential to bring hours of fun for everyone!  Waterskiing, tubing, sunning...whatever you love you can do with a boat.  Ross Insurance can help make your boating dreams a reality! With great boat insurance programs we will have you sailing into the sunset before you know it.....so give us a call!


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