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12May. 2014

What type of driver are you?

When you get behind the wheel, do you crack your knuckles, put on your driving gloves and stomp on the gas?  Or, do you take a deep breath, cautiously look all around you and inch out of your driveway?

No matter what type of driver you are, it is always important to be confident and drive defensively.  Driving cautiously is good, as long as you do not drive nervously at the same time.  Making a decision and sticking with it on the road is important.  Hesitation can cause problems just as easily as driving offensively can.

For example: There are times when you may be at a four way intersection with a few other drivers and not quite know who got there first.  The rule is that you should always yield to the person on your right.  However, in some cases you may find yourself being waved on by another driver.  If that is the case, look in every direction and go forth.  Hesitating and waving back to the other driver just confuses things.  Making a decision and sticking with it is much safer than hesitating.

Another time when being confident is important is during a merge.  If all were to go properly, merging cars would look like the teeth of a zipper coming together.  However, when there is hesitation there is confusion which then could cause unnecessary accidents.  Let other cars in, but make sure you take your proper spot in line as well to prevent any confusing issues with the merge.

The road is there for all of us to share.  No one driver “owns” the road.  We all need to work together to help keep everyone safe.  Driving confidently, cautiously and defensively will help.  Your auto insurance policy will protect you financially if something were to go wrong, but it is always better to avoid accidents every time.



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