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11Jul. 2016

What is Rotary?

What is Rotary?  You may be thinking it is a traffic flow director and yes, that is a rotary but not the one I am talking about.  I am asking about Rotary Club.  Do you know what it is or what they do?  I didn't until I started researching it for this post.  I had seen the fancy badge looking symbol in my town and knew certain events I had attended were sponsored by this "rotary" thing, but I had no idea who or what it was.  Until now...

I found out some great things about this group!  It was started by Paul Harris in Chicago in 1905.  He believed by gathering professionals from different backgrounds, with different strengths, great ideas and change could come in their community.  The term Rotary itself came about because of the "rotation" in meeting locations.  Offices became planning grounds to aid in ending Polio by making vaccines available as well as raising funds for local projects.  Imagine a room filled with varying professionals.  Some good at public speaking, some good with money, others great at planning and organizing.  You take a group of people with diverse backgrounds and give them a task and they become unstoppable.

Rotary isn't just on a National Level.  There are local Rotary Groups in most cities.  We have an incredibly active Rotary chapter here in Holyoke.  Dedicated, fun and smart men and woman committed to helping their communities and the world.  They work tirelessly for needs such as local literacy (committing $6,000.00 a year for 5 years to aid in the purchase of tablets for students in the poorest community in the city) and a Pure Water Campaign (helping to provide filtered and clean water to those in Honduras and Guatemala, where sanitation issues prevent basic necessities, like clean water, from happening.)

Events like the Positively Holyoke Summer Concert Series and many others aid in raising funds for various needs and projects. The Summer Concert Series is slated to start this month on Wednesday, July 20th (with a rain date of Thursday the 21st) where there will be live music, food and a great opportunity to gather with others in a great community atmosphere and have some fun! This event wouldn't take place without the hard work and dedication of those involved in Rotary and we are thankful it does!

If you are interested in getting more information about Rotary International or if you are considering joining your local Rotary group or donating you can visit www.rotary.org.




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