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5Oct. 2016

What a wonderful weekend!

The Holyoke YMCA had a great turnout for their Healthy Kids Day held on Saturday, May 1st. The event was held at Crosier Field and ran from 12-3pm. Admission was free for all ages and was targeted towards the entire family. Despite a weekend full of SAT's, first communions and the Baseball Jamboree, Healthy Kids Day had over 350 participants. Twenty five agencies volunteered and set up booths around Crosier Field providing information on how children can incorporate small changes for a healthier lifestyle. Children were taught that brown bagging their own lunches could not only help their parents, but their health too.

 Fun was had by all with a wide variety of activities that all ages could enjoy. A pitch hit and run competition was the main attraction, along with an inflatable bounce house that children couldn't help but be drawn to. Zumba dance lessons helped show children that staying active can be fun and the festive music helped keep the groove moving. One station even taught children how to build their own kites, which the kids really seemed to enjoy.

Refreshments were provided and included bottled water, fruit chips, granola bars and portable yogurts that were a hit with young children on the go. This showed children and their parents that there are healthy alternatives to potato chips and sugary drinks that the children can still enjoy.Keeping family in mind, recipes were handed out at some booths that encouraged families to prepare dinners together. Having meals together is not only beneficial to the children, but it gives parents a helping hand when preparing meals. Ross Insurance is proud that we could show our support for this great event and are looking forward to next year!


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