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3Jul. 2017

The Weekend

What does the weekend mean to you?  Does it mean that you are jam packed with kids sporting events?  Does it mean that you are working because you have a job that doesn't close for the weekend?  Does it mean grocery shopping and cleaning and all the other things you don't get a chance to do during the week...because, well, life?

There have been times in my life when the weekend has been all of these things to me, even at the same time.  There have been times when the kids were little and up before the sun that I longed for the days of sleeping in.  There were times when I had to go to family events and parties without my husband because he worked every other weekend.  There were times when I had so much laundry to do that I would spend an entire Saturday and Sunday washing, folding and putting away only to be met with a new stack to be washed.

Maybe this is what your weekends are right now.  Crazy and tiring.  Possibly work is more relaxing than your weekends are.  I understand.  Maybe your weekends are no different from your weeks.  You are retired and the weekend is nothing special anymore.  This got me thinking.  Do I long so much for the quiet weekend that I am missing out on the special times these crazy weekends bring?

My friend who is retired and elderly now sits by herself most days.  Her spouse has passed and her children are spread out over the country.  Her grandchildren are busy in their lives and are a hurried phone call at best.  At one time she was the young mom.  Longing for a quite weekend, and now quiet weekends are all she has!

I am not saying that we cant yearn for a weekend of solitude - that it isn't normal to look ahead longingly to the days we can stay in jammies and binge watch NETFLIX.  That is all part of the process. What I am saying is, don't wish it away to soon! I know right now weekends can feel exhausting.  A lot has to fit into a very small 48 hour window. However, in that 48 hours, there are giggles, and overheard secret conversations, and ice cream.  There are skinned knees that need kissing and bath times that leave a dirt ring in the tub.   There are chances for you in all your adult craziness to let go.  To be fun.  To have fun.  To enjoy a weekend.



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