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7Jun. 2017

The Snowball Effect

My husband and I recently completed a small living room make over.  If you read my post about our trip to Home Goods you'll remember that we had to go because once the room was painted, the old décor just wasn't doing it for me anymore.  Well, now that the room is done and beautiful, I was sitting in my chair and looked into the kitchen and said to Jeremy "we need to repaint the kitchen."

Now, I was expecting him to strongly object to this.  After all, he had spent days painting the living room and trim.  He had tirelessly hung every picture, shelf, and frame that I asked him too.  He moved furniture into endless configurations and slid rugs even an inch in a different direction because it looked better to me.  I thought, after all of that, the mere suggestion of painting the kitchen would throw him into a tizzy. Instead he hung his head low and said in a defeated tone "I knew this was coming."

I took that as an agreement and the next day we went off to Home Depot.  I was searching for just the right color.  I thought I had found it.  Creamy Custard was the name and I felt it was the perfect neutral for our kitchen.  The color in our kitchen was bright red.  I don't really know what phase that was or why but thanks to Behr's Paint and Primer in One, the phase is covered and forgotten.  I was aching for a light and bright kitchen.  Something to make it look bigger!

We brought the paint home and all night I sat and looked at the can.  Something inside just wasn't loving the color.  There was no way I could tell Jeremy.  He is already one "loving wifely suggestion" away from jumping out the window.  So, the next night I went out with my friend Becky and we went back to Home Depot.  I searched and searched and found the most perfect pale green.  I feel in love and knew this would be the color.

I came home and walked in carrying my new gallon of paint and Jeremy said "What. Is. That!?"  I smiled and said I had a change of heart on the paint color so went back and got a new color!  I explained the new concept and color scheme.  I told him about my plans and how the new paint color would fit perfectly into the room.  He actually said he could see my vision and thought it would be a great choice! SCORE!

This, my friends, is the snowball effect.  When one room gets done, it grows into the next room being done.  You don't intend for it to happen, it just does.  After we talked everything out, Jeremy said "it's great that Home Depot let you exchange the paint!"  I said " they didn't. I never even brought it.  I realized it is going to look great in the dining room!"

Snowball effect.


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