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2Jan. 2017

The Let Down

Have you been there before?  In that place where just hours ago the house was filled, food was flowing, laughter ringing, it seemed it would go on forever.  Maybe it was a wedding, or a graduation.  Could have been a birth or a holiday.  You have poured your entire being into making something wonderful.  There have been hours of preparation and research on recipes and decorations.  Interesting themes.....new games etc.  Whatever the event was you gave 110% to it and it showed.  Everything was perfect from the background music to the menu.  You received so many passing compliments of "wow, everything tastes delicious" and " I have to know where you found this".  People were so relaxed and happy you didn't think they would ever leave....and that was ok, because you were on top of the world.

Then, just as quickly as the house filled it happens - it is over.

All the hard work, all the planning, all the praise.  Gone.  Like it never even happened.  Sure people will remember the event fondly and mention it from time to time, but you feel a huge...

let down.

This happens to me at Christmas all the time.  For weeks I have been decorating and baking and shopping, all to  make Christmas the most magical and special time of the year for my family and friends.  I take time to be thoughtful in my gift giving and put a lot of energy into this process.  I wrap meticulously, being sure that creases are crisp and tags are straight so people know I even cared enough to this carefully.  I fill the house with the smell of gingerbread and cookies and try to make as many homemade delights as possible.  We watch movies by the lights of the tree, while eating treats, all to create a memory.

Then, it is over.  What is left of the pretty packages?  Piles of crumpled paper in a heap.  What is left of the decorations?  A floor covered in pine needles from a tree begging to be stripped and put curb side.  What is left of the food?  In our house.....nothing.  While you are content in the happiness that was displayed it doesn't change the fact that the event is over.

Why does this happen and how can we get over it?

Well I believe this happens more commonly than people realize, it's just no one talks about it! I think, as people, we are at our best when there is something in the works.  When there is an event on the horizon, something to look forward to.  We get excited and plan because we know it is coming!  Whether it is a vacation or wedding or Christmas - it doesn't matter because the feelings are the same.  Excitement and longing for something yet to come.

It stands to reason then, that if we put so much into the lead up and the event itself that when it is over we have a feeling of "let down".  What is "let down?"  I equate the phrase to an action.  Take a deep breath and shrug your shoulders up towards your ears.  Now exhale deeply through your mouth while dropping your shoulders.  This, my friends, is the "let down."  It is totally natural to have this feeling but we can't live in!  So, here are some ways to snap out of the "let down" and get back on track.

  • Volunteer:  Focus on doing something for others and you will be surprised how quickly you start feeling better!

  • Get Organized:  There is no better time of year to purge and organize than after the Holidays.  It is time to simplify and enjoy.

  • Re-Arrange:  Once the tree is down and the room looks bare again, play around with furniture placement...or maybe it is time for a fresh paint color.  This is a great time to do this!

  • Focus on being thankful:  Don't let the chaos of the holidays rob you of your thankfulness!  Take a moment each day and dwell on all you are grateful for.  It will renew your focus and give you peace!

Most of all, be kind to yourself and others and you will find yourself coming out of the "let down" quicker than you thought!


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