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17Nov. 2017

The Holiday Trifecta of Terror

Can you sense it coming?  Can you feel it in the air?  You must know what I am talking about.  That moment that sweeps over and hits us like a tidal wave! When we are going on our way, content and in a routine and all of a sudden it is upon us - THE HOLIDAYS! Now I understand that there are many different cultural and religious celebrations that happen over the course of November and December.  I am not totally familiar with them all and don't want to do them any injustice, but I can also imagine that there have been many a mother or father run ragged planning and executing these celebrations.  I will take a moment and talk about what I am familiar with and you can feel free to sub in whatever celebration your family honors!

This time of the year we finally have the kids settled back into school.  The first report cards have been issued, and we flubbed our way through Halloween.  Our homes are harvest-y and happy and there isn't that much happening. Then it comes.  The Monday before Thanksgiving, or as I like to call it, the beginning of the TRIFECTA OF TERROR.  Now don't get me wrong. I love this trifecta of Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Years but I do NOT love what it turns me into.

Picture if you will a semi-average looking, middle aged woman morphing into a mixture of Gollum from Lord of the Rings and a mother that doesn't allow anything to be sat on, looked at, or touched.  Yup, that's me.  My head starts spinning thinking of the appetizers and desserts that need to be made for various gatherings, and trying to out do last years creation.  Explaining to the kids why "you cant wear your pajama pants and a hoodie to *insert one of many holiday dinners here.*  Telling your husband that, "yes you are going to have to say what you are thankful for and no you can't sit on the other side of me and just say 'ditto' to mine."

Then comes December.  Presents to buy, cookies to make, decorations to hang, and then the flyers from school come home with any number of class parties, gift bags, and card swaps.  Then there are teacher gifts, Sunday school gifts, Yankee swaps, work get togethers and it just goes on and on.  Sometimes I don't even remember the month of December! It is a good thing I am an obsessive picture taker!

I want to encourage every person reading this right now, that if you are this mom, dad, or family member - you aren't alone!  Everyone feels a little pressure this time of year. The amount of "crazy" you are may vary, but we all feel a little crazy.  It's ok! Let's just promise ourselves something this year, that in the midst of all the crazy and chaos we would actually sit down and enjoy our homes, our families, our decorations and our culinary creations.  Dirty dishes will wait, time around the table laughing won't.  Let's keep the focus this year on being more present with people and less preoccupied by things that are fleeting.

Some things are just a given like the sun rising and setting.  Another given is that this time of year can get pretty intense.  Let's not stress out, get anxious or turn into Gollum.  Let's try something different this year!  Let's be purposeful in being peaceful.


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