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26Jul. 2017

Summer Souvenir

Summer is the best! Even if you don’t have the summers off, there is something about the evenings being lighter longer, the firefly’s, the birds and the smell of fresh rain on hot pavement.  Weekends are times for family and friends! A time for Pool parties, BBQ’s and beach trips.  Aside from holidays, summer gives us a unique opportunity to make a ton of memories!

This summer I am excited because I have been able to spend a lot of time with my Aunt Deb who lives in North Carolina and her daughter, my cousin, Mikaela! They are just so easy to be with and make everything fun.  We are #YOLOing one ice cream cone after another.  We've already seen each other more than we have in years in just a few weeks - AND IT ISN’T OVER! We have trips planned for Patriots Training Camp, Newport and probably other things!  She loves my desserts and that makes me love her more.

These are all things that couldn’t happen during the year. It is a treasure that is only happening…..because it is summer. It is a summer souvenir.   A souvenir is something that you buy to help you remember a certain place you visit, or something given to you to help keep an event in memory, like a party or reception.  A souvenirs main job is to evoke a feeling and spark a memory.

I believe that summer is a souvenir in itself. Everything we do in the 8 short weeks we have is all part of the big souvenir, or memory, called summer.  Can a season actually be a souvenir?  Absolutely!  Why not?  I don’t need a t-shirt that says I went to Tanglewood (plus they are like $40.00) I have my own souvenir of the day.  A summer souvenir of my family all sitting when the rain started.  Some were huddled under an umbrella, some “toughing” it out.  My souvenir is pulling the wheel cart packed with more stuff than we needed with my aunt and laughing because it was taking my mom and other aunt so long to cross the street.

These are the souvenirs I am talking about. The moments that you cherish from summer that can’t be commemorated with a key chain…..it doesn’t have the same effect.  You don’t sit 10 years from now around a fire pit laughing over your key chain….as nice of a souvenir as it may be…chances are it won’t make it 10 years.  My summer souvenir?  Well it is sure to make it 10 years and beyond!  The fun part is, in my family these memories with change and morph so much that it could end up being a whole new story by then! Who knows?

Take some time this summer and gather as many summer souvenirs as you can! You may not have room on a shelf for one more piece of travel memorabilia….but there is always enough room to store up all your summer souvenirs in your heart!!

Have a happy summer everyone!


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