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26Jun. 2017

Summer Home Maintenance Tips

The best way to keep your home in the best possible condition and avoid damage, problems, and other home maintenance nightmares is to take care of your home all year long. Certain maintenance items can and should be done seasonally.

Take a look at our checklist of home maintenance items that you should address in the summer.

HVAC Maintenance

Your air conditioner will get a lot of use this summer. Make sure it works efficiently and will work when you need it most by having it serviced early in the summer. The technician will clean your unit, repair small problems before they become big ones, and make sure that everything is working properly.

Change Your Filters

The part of your air conditioner that’s most easily forgotten are the filters. Depending on how much you use your AC, you’ll want to change your filter anywhere from every 30 days to every 90 days. Clean filters keep the air flowing easily and efficiently in your home so your air conditioner doesn’t have to work quite as hard. In the summer, be prepared to change filters once a month.

Clean Gutters and Downspouts

Summer rains can hit hard and fast. When they do, give that water a place to go with clean gutters and downspouts. This is also a good time to repair broken or worn gutters and downspouts. When water can’t easily be moved away from your home, it can create long-term problems like rot and mold.

Clean Your Home’s Exterior (Including Fences)

Take a look at the outside of your home. If you can’t remember what the original color of the brick or vinyl siding was, it’s time to clean it! Pressure wash your home’s exterior to get rid of dirt and that green gunk (mildew). Check your fences too. Make sure no dirt, weeds, or rocks are too close to wood fences as that can lead to wood rot. Pressure wash and retreat wood fencing or use a hose and mild soap on vinyl or aluminum fences.

Pool Maintenance

Before you hit the pool for the first time this summer, make sure you’ve made sure it’s fit to swim in. Clean the pool, even if you’ve had a cover over it and check your pumps to make sure they work properly. Balance the chemicals in the water.

Check Ceiling Fans and Windows

Clean your ceiling fans so that they work efficiently and make sure they’re spinning counter-clockwise for summer. This will help move the air down into the room with you, keeping you cooler. Check your windows and reseal around the edges if you see any cracks. Make sure you repair or replace damaged window screens, too.

In the summer what you need most is a cool home that can handle the summer heat. With a little bit of maintenance, you’ll keep your energy costs lower and make sure your home is in good condition.

One more thing to do this summer - check your homeowner’s insurance policy. If you’ve made any changes, gotten a new roof, or added security features, it could affect your insurance policy. Call us at Ross Insurance so we can make sure you’ve got the right coverage at the best price.


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