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26Sep. 2017

Staying Healthy During Flu Season

This past weekend Jeremy and I watched the movie "Contagion."  It is an older movie that stars Matt Damon as a man who is immune to a virus that spreads very quickly and can cause death.  As he sits in a restaurant observing those around him, he notices a lady sneezing then bringing a glass to a table.  A child wipes his nose then holds his mothers hand and she wipes her eye with it. After watching this movie, Jeremy declared that he is NEVER leaving the house again.  After I stopped laughing I realized that he was actually serious and this movie freaked him out.

We are headed into our own personal "contagion" coming up. In fact many of you may have already felt its presence.  It is called COLD AND FLU SEASON and it is no respecter of persons.  What aids into this epidemic is the return of children to school. While there are many ways and places to pick up germs, it seems inevitable that this season gets a boost from kids returning to school.  There are many ways that kids pass germs.  They don't typically think about germs as much as adults do.  They don't think twice about sharing a drink, or wiping their eyes, or biting their fingernails.  They just do it.

We want to give you some tips on how to keep germs at bay during this back to school season:

  • Keep Hands Washed.  The first thing you should do when you get home from being out anywhere is go to the sink and wash your hands.  Hand washing is key to keeping germs at bay.  Warm soapy water and singing the Happy Birthday Song is a great way to be sure kids are washing long enough.  Make sure to wash your hands before any contact with food or your eyes.

  • Keep Short Fingernails.  This may not be popular for the teen girls in your homes, but it is important.  Underneath long fingernails is a breeding ground for germs!  Keep the nails short!

  • Drink Water.  Staying hydrated can help keep your immune system strong.  It also helps flush those germs out should you get sick.

  • Don't Bite Your Nails.  Putting your hands and fingers in your mouth is a great way to transfer germs from what you have touched.  Lots of kids (and adults) do this as a coping mechanism when they are anxious or tired.  Find another way to cope with how you are feeling and try your best to keep your hands out of your mouth.

  • Get Plenty of Sleep.  Just like with water, sleep can help keep your immune system strong! Do all you can to get at least 8 hours of sleep a night!

These are just some easy tips to help you prevent your own personal "contagion."  I mean, really - washing your hands is much easier than putting plastic over your windows and wearing a biohazard suit.  Not that my husband has looked into that all.  Stay hydrated, rested, and well this cold and flu season!  Remember, spring is only 6 months away!


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