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21Mar. 2018

Spring Cleaning - Storage Ideas for Tight Spaces

With the weather warming up, spring is right around the corner. Which means that it’s time to start your spring cleaning! When you have a small home, it almost never feels clean enough. The culprit is usually clutter. Check out some creative storage ideas to help you with your spring cleaning and feel like you have more space in your home.

Create Your Own Storage

Get things up off the floor and give all the small things - like your phone, glasses, and book - a place to call home in your bedroom. Install small cube or rectangular shelves on the wall. The top acts as a flat surface to hold small things, while the open shelves have room for books and other things you’ve been putting on the floor.

Use Back-of-the-Door Storage

Wire baskets, mesh bags, and shoe holders work great in any room. In bedrooms, they’re perfect for shoes or toys. Added to your bathroom door, they can hold all your extra toiletries. In the pantry, they’re good for non-perishable foods or bags and other items that you don’t have enough room for.

Organize Your Foyer

If the front door is where everything gets dropped when you get home - shoes, keys, mail, backpacks, purses, coats - it gets cluttered fast. Keep yourself organized and create designated spots for everything. Hooks on the wall can hold keys or coats. A basket is perfect for shoes or backpacks.

Make Your Own Under-the-Bed Storage

You can use bins, baskets, or even old suitcases, as long as they slide easily and fit under the bed. Paint or decorate them to fit with your bedroom decor for an extra touch. Now, all the stuff that’s sitting in the corners of your bedroom has a new place to call home.

Use Your Headboard as a Shelving Unit

If you want to redecorate your bedroom and love DIY projects, consider using your headboard/wall space as a shelving unit. Mount small shelving units on the wall in a decorative pattern and then use them to hold books, knick knacks, and other stuff that looks like clutter when it’s on the floor. Group things by colors and you’ll add another decorative element to the space.

Hang Stuff On Your Walls

Your walls don’t have to be used just to hang shelving units. You can hang large items, too. Use pegboards to hold more things or for a decorative touch. In the kitchen, you can hang your pots and pans to channel your inner Julia Child. In other spaces, you can hang baskets for storage or store your bicycles right on the wall in the living room or your bedroom. They’ll always be in easy reach, and they won’t be in your way.

Get Rid of Stuff You Don’t Really Need

Getting creative with your storage doesn’t solve one essential problem -- having too much stuff. If you’ve organized your home and used every corner you can find, and you still have clutter, it’s time to clear it out. Have some honest conversations with yourself about what you really need and what you don’t. Each spring, get rid of things you haven’t thought about, touched, or used in the past year.

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