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5Aug. 2016

Sorry Ladies…..He's Taken.

There is this guy.  He is rugged and tough but fair and kind to a fault.  He looks great in a suit and has the bluest eyes I have ever seen.

[caption id="attachment_4623" align="aligncenter" width="225"]1901153_10205186477404540_1530241235908995427_n He doesn't like this picture very much...but c'mon with those blue eyes!!![/caption]

I know what you are all thinking....."how does she personally know Ryan Gosling?"  Well, I don't....but I know my husband Jeremy and he is pretty wonderful.

[caption id="attachment_4629" align="aligncenter" width="225"]12143130_10208408672357400_9042371201654044115_n He makes my coffee for me....and foams the milk. Totally special![/caption]

This is not to say he is perfect.  None of us are.  We have gone through our troubled times and came out on the other side even better.  We learned things, changed things and made out relationship even stronger.  You might be thinking you have it pretty great with your spouse too.  That's fantastic, and I am super happy for you, but I am gonna brag on my man for a minute!

There are a few things about this guy I need to tell you about. I have whittled down the list to a few of my favorite things:

He is an amazing landscaper!  This is a true statement.  He hasn't worked in landscaping for years, but it is in his bones!

IMG_5685                          IMG_5689

He has an amazing eye and actually enjoys being out in the beating hot sun and sweating.  Ummmmm no thanks!! Not my thing at all, but he gets so excited about things like edging, mulch, perennials, watering systems and the such.  His passion for it shows in his work and I get to reap the benefits of that passion!

He loves to clean!  Yes, ladies...I said he loves to clean! Be jealous.  He has an obsession with cleaning products and microfiber towels.  He vacuums even when I don't think it needs it, and not just the rug but the sofa and chairs also.  Most peoples "spring cleaning" is Jeremy's "every week" cleaning.  He cleans the bathroom like a champ and never complains....well, because he likes doing it!  I remember when we were first married, telling my grandmother I would sweep the floor and Jeremy would come home and sweep again.  I felt like I was doing it wrong. Her response was "well, just let him do it!  If it makes him happy and he is going to do anyways....just let him.  It isn't anything you do wrong...he just enjoys it"  So....I let him!

He changes the sheets!  Listen, people. If it were up to me....I am not sure I would ever do it.  I forget about the bed.  It really isn't on my radar of things to do.  Not Jeremy, he strips, washes, dries and remakes the bed.  I mean, really?  How did I get this blessed!

He makes homemade spaghetti sauce!  Did you think he didn't cook? Of course he does! There really isn't anything he isn't good at.

[caption id="attachment_4622" align="aligncenter" width="225"]1482938_10202595012819545_1951056840_n This is his special home made apple pie.....I have no words.[/caption]

His sauce is outta this world.  The house smells amazing when he makes it and the taste is legendary!! He doesn't make it often, but when he does.....I am sure the neighbors all want to come to our home from the smell!

He is an EPIC dad!!  This is a fact.  He changed diapers, we traded off midnight feedings, has been to EVERY school play, chorus performance, football and softball game and church choir performance.

[caption id="attachment_4628" align="aligncenter" width="225"]11902487_10207472799761170_2681017480498311277_n Zip Lines and Ropes Course[/caption]


He knows the kids will remember that.  He is sure to take us on at least 1 family vacation a year.  He builds memories with the kids and has an amazing bond with both of them.  Can a mom ask for more?

[caption id="attachment_4627" align="aligncenter" width="225"]11889641_10207484927864365_6984546863794816854_n How many husbands would willingly go to a tour of QVC because it would make their wife happy?[/caption]

He laughs freely!  He doesn't take offense easily and isn't harsh with his words.  Now remember I said we went through our rough patches, and we weren't always kind to each other, but he has never intentionally tried to hurt me with his words ( not that we haven't done that to each other....but never intentionally) and I appreciate that.  He will laugh at himself and loves jokes.

10636154_10204689881629956_4822047747666818701_n          10482525_10204192531196506_8093661907466552418_n

He thinks I am funny and nothing makes me happier than when he full out belly laughs over something I have said.  Our home is a happy laughter filled place and he has a lot to do with that!

See, he is a pretty great guy!  If this is your life right now, I am so glad you get to experience this too! If you are going through not so great times, I've been there and you will get through it!  If you have fond memories of this and it was taken from you too soon, my heart breaks for you and hold your memories tight!  If you are single and think he sounds great.....it is with NO remorse what so ever that I say with authority Sorry Ladies......he's taken!


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