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9Jun. 2014

Signs of Hearing Loss

Losing your hearing is a scary and uncomfortable situation. Communicating with others in social situations becomes harder. It also can be embarrassing admitting to others that you have a hearing problem. Whether you have an excessive amount of ear wax or if there is actual damage in your ear canal, any hearing loss should be investigated. The best thing you can do is address the issue as soon as you can by talking to a specialist who can help you. Before you make a trip to the doctor, take a look below to see some of the symptoms you may be facing. These are the most common signs of hearing loss.
1. You can hear sounds and people; however they often come across as muffled or distorted to you. Usually, this is one of the first signs people notice because they find themselves having to pay closer attention to voices around them.
2. You often find yourself increasing the volume on your TV, laptop, or radio. Hearing loss can make you enjoy these media forms less since you struggle to hear them. Unfortunately, you also may be disturbing those around you due to the high volume level you use to hear your electronics.
3. You tend to withdraw yourself from conversations. This symptom can be the most difficult to accept. Since you struggle to hear others clearly, you may decide to avoid conversations all together. This symptom can significantly impact not just you, but those around you who care about you.
4. You frequently read lips or examine people's facial expressions when talking. Your hearing loss can cause you to take a different approach to conversations. Rather than just listening to words, you examine everything about the speaker to make sure you understand their messages.
5. While on the phone, you often switch ears to hear the other person better. Talking on the phone can become a challenge for anyone experiencing hearing loss. You will tend to switch ears hoping that one ear sounds clearer than the other one so that you can carry on with your phone call.
The idea of losing your hearing may not cross your mind especially if you are at a young age. However, hearing loss can happen to you at any age. It can depend on some genetic factors as well as your level of exposure to loud noises, such as headphones. Talk to your doctor today if you have worries about hearing loss.


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