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13Sep. 2016

Secure Your Home While Your Away On Vacation

Ever get the feeling like you are being watched?  Unfortunately in this day and age it is not just you that is being watched, but it could be your home.  Burglars are out there waiting and are looking for a home to get into when you aren't there.  It is sad that we even have to talk about this, but being prepared and taking the following precautions could help to protect your largest investment....your home.

If you are planning a trip, even a weekend getaway, use the following tips to keep burglars at bay and keep your home and what you treasure inside it safe:

  • Leave an outside porch light on.  It is important that entry ways to the home are well lit.  For a garage or side door a motion light is a great idea.  Lights the area with movement but isn't on constantly.  For the front door, if we are going away we leave the front lights on.  Yes it may waste some money, but I've never known anyone to break into the front door under lights that others can see.

  • Make sure windows are securely locked.  If you are going away don't leave even one window opened a crack.  I know the smell of a cooped up house is not pleasant to come home to, but it is better than coming home to all your belongings being gone.

  • Get an alarm.  If it is in your budget, get alarm monitoring.  It is peace of mind and sometimes there is no price to big for that.  You may also be eligible for a discount on your Massachusetts Home policy for having a central alarm installed in your home.

  • Be careful when discussing your vacation plans on Facebook and other social media outlets.  Sadly, not everyone uses these platforms for fun and connecting.  Some people use these forums as a way of seeing when you are leaving and for how long.  Using #vacation or any other kind of searchable tag could leave you vulnerable to people searching to do harm.

  • Have a trusted relative, friend or neighbor keep watch.  Having someone go in the home to bring in mail (you don't want it piling up.....tale tell sign that you aren't home) is a great help.  If you have no one that can do that for you, you can always contact the post office to have them hold your mail which is helpful for an extended vacation.

  • Put a living room or bedroom lamp on a timer.  Having some rooms lit up at night can be a deterrent to a would be thief.  It is easy and cost effective to put a lamp or two on a timer.

Sometimes even the most prepared and cautious people are victims to burglary.  Should you return from a trip and notice a theft or vandalism be sure to call the police to report the crime and your local Massachusetts insurance agent so they can help you through the claim process.

A protected home is a happy home!


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