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12Dec. 2017

Safely Decorating Your Home for the Holidays

Nothing puts you in the holiday spirit like trimming the tree and decorating the outside of your home. While that can all be a lot of fun, it’s important to make sure you do it safely. No one wants to spend the holidays in a hotel or hospital because of an avoidable accident.

Take a look at these holiday decorating safety tips and keep your family, home, and holiday safe this year.

  1. Keep your live tree watered and hydrated. Dry needles catch fire easily.

  2. Look for a “fire resistant” label before you buy an artificial tree.

  3. Replace old, worn, or outdated artificial trees, especially if you don’t know if it’s truly fire resistant.

  4. Don’t overload your electrical outlets with too many plugs. Use multiple outlets or a power strip with an on/off switch.

  5. Keep your live tree away from all heat sources.

  6. Keep sharp or breakable ornaments out of reach of children. Kids can get hurt even if you’re the one who put them on the tree.

  7. Skip any decorations that look like food when you’ve got small children. They real and end up in little mouths, only to become a choking hazard.

  8. Never leave a burning candle unattended or alone with a child or pet. Blow them out before leaving a room.

  9. Keep candles on a stable surface and away from flammable materials.

  10. Use indoor lights inside your home and outdoor lights outside your home. Each type must meet strict safety regulations for their intended purpose.

  11. Check your lights for damage before hanging them. Look for frayed cords, exposed wires, broken sockets, loose connections, and more. Any of these could become a fire hazard later.

  12. Never use electric lights on a metallic tree.

  13. Plug your outdoor lights into a ground-fault circuit interrupter (GFCI)-protected receptacle.

  14. Turn off your lights before going to bed. If a light creates a spark that could start a fire in your home, you don’t want it to happen when you’re asleep.

  15. Don’t burn wrapping paper in the fireplace. It can create a flash fire that may quickly get out of control.

There’s no reason not to decorate your home this holiday season. Be as festive as you’d like! Just make sure you’re safe, too.

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