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26Feb. 2018

Queen For a Day

I recently turned 40.  Yes, I know - 40.  It is an interesting feeling, really.  On the one hand, I feel like my life is going at an incredibly fast pace and if I blink, I may miss it. On the other hand, it seems life is standing still.

My husband has been after me since October of 2017 to tell him what I want to do for my 40th birthday in January of 2018.  I kept telling him that I would plan my own party.  This was a calculated move on my part.  I love to plan parties.  Nothing makes me happier than invitations, themes, favors and the sight and sound of people enjoying themselves.  There was just one problem.  I wasn't having fun planning my party.  It was seeming like more of a chore.

I think my husband picked up on this after asking me a question about the party and hearing a less than peppy, even snarky, response.  At that moment, he took over.  He started texting with my sister and told me that he and Katie had everything under control.  I had an instant sense of relief come over me as well as excitement, which had been lacking.  I knew that my sister knew me better than anyone and would plan something wonderful.

Jeremy told me the date and time of the party and nothing else.  I wasn't aware of the guest list, the location, the food - nothing.  It was so fun!  This girl who lives to make others happy through dinners, and parties was on cloud 9!

The day of the party, I got dressed and into the car and Jeremy informed me I needed to recline my seat so I couldn't see where we were going and I had to keep my eyes closed.  That was fine... I only got a little carsick feeling once, so I consider that a victory.  He led me, with eyes closed, into the party and told me to open my eyes.  There in a private room at the Westwood Restaurant were all my family and friends.

My best friend from Texas had surprised me and flown in, my Aunt and Uncle from New Hampshire were there as well as many other family members and friends.  Everyone that meant something to me was there.

Jeremy had ordered a beautiful gold and crystal crown for me to wear. It was so heavy and gorgeous.  I still sit at home and put it on from time to time!  We ate, and laughed and it was everything I could have hoped for.

Sometimes you wonder if all you do is worth it.  If it matters to people.  I can tell you this, between my work family spoiling me on  my birthday and my blood family doing the same....it matters.

I was queen for the day.  It was special and happy.  I will never forget it.

Here's to 40!


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