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20Mar. 2018

Puppy Proofing Your Home

If you’re thinking of getting a puppy, spring is a great time to do it. You’ve got plenty of warm weather and sunshine to get outside with your new furry friend. Plus, the spring allows for better socialization because they’re more likely to be out and about with other puppy friends. This makes them better behaved in the long run.

Puppies are fun, but they’re a lot of work. If you’re not prepared they can wreak havoc on your home. Make sure to puppy-proof everything before you bring them home.

Puppy Proof Your Insurance

Before selecting a puppy, call your insurance company. Your homeowners insurance may not insure homes with specific dog breeds. Pit bulls and Dobermans are most common but not exclusively “banned.” Each company has their own rules and policies. You may need to switch to a different insurance company or select a different breed.

Childproof Everything

Just like you would do for an infant or toddler, you need to childproof your home against a curious puppy. They’ll nose open a cabinet to get at food, cleaning supplies, and anything else they find. Add latches to low cabinets and drawers. Keep your chemical products, medications, and other potential hazards up high and out of reach.

Watch Out for Power Cords

To a curious puppy, power cords are an invitation to chew. Unfortunately, they can shock themselves and destroy your stuff by doing it. Tuck cords out of the way or encase them in PVC tubing that can’t be chewed through. This will be an ongoing thing until they get out of the chewing habit so the PVC tubing might be your best option.

Cover Toilets and Trash Cans

Yes, dogs will drink out of a toilet and eat out of a trash can. Make sure both are safe from your curious puppy. Keep the lid down on the toilet. While they’re small, they could fall in and drown. Keep your trash can lids in cabinets or make sure they having locking lids. Even if it’s not food, puppies want to taste, chew, and eat anything -- even if it’s dangerous for them to do.

Pick Up Pillows, Throws, Clothing, and Shoes

The puppy who eats all your shoes isn’t just a stereotype. They really will do that while they’re in a chewing phase and until they’ve been properly trained. All you can do is get into the habit of picking up your stuff and keeping it all out of reach. Put shoes in the closet when you get home. Hang your clothes or put them in the hamper. And watch your pillows and throws all the time.

Keep Them Out of Unwanted Spaces

Puppies will find small corners and spaces to den down in, especially if they get nervous or upset. Most of the time, it’ll be under your bed. Block any small space you don’t want them going, especially if it’s a spot you can’t easily get them out of if they get stuck.

Know Your Plants

Some plants, like azaleas, Calla lilies, and philodendrons, are toxic to dogs. You don’t have to get rid of them, but you do need to put them where they can’t be knocked over or chewed on. If it makes you feel safer, replace your toxic plants with non-toxic varieties, then you’ll have less to worry about.

Increase Your Liability Limits

Protect yourself and your home now that you’ve got a puppy and increase your liability limits. Puppies bite and, for different reasons, so do full grown dogs. If a neighbor or visitor gets bitten, you’ll be liable for the medical expenses and you could get sued. Make sure you have enough coverage.

Before and after you get your new puppy, make sure to give your insurance agent a call. You don’t want to find yourself with the wrong amount of insurance if something goes wrong, and you don’t want to be without homeowners insurance because of your dog. Contact us at Ross Insurance today.


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