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2Aug. 2016

Protection FROM Your Employees

As a Massachusetts business owner, you know that it is crucial to protect your business from fire, theft, natural disasters and even client-claims.  Have you ever thought about protecting your business from your own employees? In a perfect world we would never need to think that someone who works for us would be dishonest, but sadly that is not the world we live in.  While it is important to cover those that work for you with business insurance policies such as workers' comp, you also need to protect your business.  That is where employment practices liability insurance comes in.

As hard as it is to understand, it is important that you realize this fact - not all employees will enjoy working for your company or agree with company policies and procedures.  As a result, an unhappy employee may come back with a claim or lawsuit if something should make them angry or they feel resentful.  With EPLI in place, your business will be covered from claims such as:

  • Sexual Harassment

  • Discrimination against age, gender, race, disability, etc.

  • Breach of contract

  • Negligence

  • Wrongful Termination

  • Failure to employ or promote

  • Deprivation of career opportunity

  • And much more.....

It is also important as a business owner to have some sort of employee handbook that employees need to read and sign so they are familiar with your policies regarding sexual harassment, discrimination, dress code, time off  and more.  When you present the information and it is signed off on, it is so much more difficult for someone to come back at you saying they "weren't protected" or "didn't know."  An employee handbook or agreement is a simple and easy way to make sure all the information is presented and everyone is aware of what is expected of the employer and the employee.

You may be sitting there and realize you never thought that in your business anyone would do this, maybe you think everyone loves your leadership and gets along.  That may be true, but it is always better to be safe than sorry.  Having this Massachusetts business insurance policy in place can help protect not only your business but the aggravation and headache that can come about from a vengeful suit.  If you are interested in protecting your company from employment related allegation, please contact our agency.  We would be happy to discuss business insurance and employment practices liability insurance and provide you with a free quote.




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