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24Jun. 2016

Out With the Old - Tag Sale Tips!

We are having a tag sale!  It has been decided.  There is too much stuff and not enough places to put it all.  The basement has been overtaken and it is time.  My husband has been trying to get me to relinquish things for a while.  Now, I am not saying I am a hoarder, I am just a person who sees a need for everything to be saved....and wants to take in whatever anyone else is throwing away, regardless of the need or space I have. Ok, so I may be a hoarder.

When my grandparents moved out of a roughly 3,000 sq ft. home to a small retirement apartment, I went into squirrel mode.  Their house was winter coming, and my mini van was the squirrel cheeks.  I shoved as much as I could into multiple trips and brought it safely home with me.  My husband nicely said to me one time "you aren't allowed to go up there anymore if you cant go without taking things home."  Can you believe it?

As I now look at the mounting piles of things in my basement, I realize I should have listened.  Well, I am having a tag sale.  I realized that the special things that I love, I would have space for if I purged some of my other things.  There is no real secret to a successful tag sale but here are some things I think are important to remember:

  • Weather is key.  That isn't saying rain is your enemy....but keep an eye on the weather and try to plan it around a nice day.  The more people out driving around.....the less stuff you have to lug back in at the end of the day!

  • People aren't going to pay a price made by emotion.  Just because you loved it and think it has tons of value doesn't mean Susie up the street thinks so.  If you think it has that much value, take it to Antique's Road Show, not the card table set up in your drive way.  Price to sell. Remember, you don't want to bring it back in.

  • Have Change. Seriously, people. This is big. I made this mistake once and forgot to have change on me.  Dollar bills or quarters no where in sight.  This was a huge problem, especially after I was raiding the kids piggy banks, car and couch cushions for change.  Don't make this mistake.  Ever.

  • Clear it with the City.  Yes, you heard me right.  Most towns and cities require a permit of some sort for a tag sale! Find out and get one in advance. Nothing kills a tag sale like the police showing up.  I mean, what will the neighbors think??

  • Don't underestimate the FREE table. When you are done for the day, set a table up marked free and watch it all disappear.  Remember the goal.  We don't want it back in the house!  Most people cant pass up free and having a clearly marked table is sure to help decrease what is left!

Wish me luck on my tag sale!  I am hoping it will be a success and people will find some treasures to help make their homes cozy.  You never know what you might find!


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