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29Aug. 2017

Oh, That Could Never Happen to Me: Strange Insurance Claims

If you’ve ever listened to a wild and wacky story on the news or read it on Facebook and thought, “That could never happen to me,” that’s what these people probably thought, too. Life lesson number one: if something can go wrong, it will. Make sure you’ve got good insurance when it does.

Missing Something?

A man thought his Alaska cruise would be exciting and full of adventure. He had no idea that he’d lose his dentures while calmly looking at the ocean. They slipped right out of his mouth, and he spent the rest of the trip eating soft foods.

Don’t Mess With the Deer

A man in Virginia found out what happens when you confront an angry deer. Apparently, it head butts your windshield and breaks it. Can you imagine how the call to the auto insurance company went after that? “He had an angry look in his eye…”

Geese Aren’t Just Mean

Anyone who’s ever been hassled by geese in the park knows they can be mean and territorial. One Texas woman found out they can be hungry thieves, too, when a goose swallowed her diamond ring. After looking for it in a bunch of geese poop (yes, you read that right), she considered having the goose dissected. The goose grapevine must be active because the goose flew north before she could bring it to a local vet, taking her extremely valuable ring with it.

Setting the Scene

A romantic couple losing their camera during a cruise doesn’t sound that interesting. Lost cameras aren’t uncommon on the open waters. What might be unusual is that this couple was trying to recreate the iconic scene between Jack and Rose in the movie Titanic - complete with arms out, wind in the face, and, apparently, a dropped camera.

Trying to Catch a Bus

A young man found himself distracted by a group of attractive women which which doesn’t sound all that dangerous in and of itself. While this may be dangerous for the heart, this time it was also dangerous for his health. He walked into the side of a bus shelter and broke his nose.

Beware the Cows

One couple encountered a herd of cows on a country drive and knew they were in for a long wait as the cows passed. What they didn’t anticipate was the herd deciding their car looked delicious and licking it as they passed by. All that licking damaged the paint on their vehicle or, at least that’s what they told their insurance company.

Mmm, Cake

Cake is always good. Cake with a Nokia phone baked inside, not so much. Yes, this absentminded baker lost her phone, found it fairly quickly, and realized that 350 degree heat and flour isn’t good for a phone. If you thought nothing damaged a Nokia, think again. Even it can’t stand up to the oven.

Look Out Below

While on vacation, a family laid out their belongings and their beach equipment. They knew to watch out for seagulls, bad weather, and the tide. They didn’t realize they needed to guard their stuff from a parachutist falling out of the sky.

You truly can never predict when things will go wrong. No matter how well you plan for any circumstance, wild events can and will happen. Make sure you have insurance to protect you no matter what life throws at you. Contact Ross Insurance today. We’ll be happy to make sure your insurance protects you against an angry deer, licking cows, or whatever else life throws your way.


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