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17Nov. 2014

Office Party Tips for Thanksgiving

A tradition in many businesses is to hold an office part on Thanksgiving. These parties can be fun and memorable for everyone involved. They also need to be planned and executed in the right way. There are a few tips for throwing a Thanksgiving office party that should help.

  1. Be sensitive about timing: Be very sensitive about timing. It is usually a good idea to hold an office party in the days leading up to Thanksgiving instead of on the holiday itself. If you are holding the party on Thanksgiving, then plan an early celebration. You do not want employees to have to choose between family and the office party. Do not hold the party too late. This will allow everyone to relax and have fun.

  2. Consider a potluck: You could choose to have the Thanksgiving office party catered by professionals. Something to consider is having a potluck instead. This means your employees all make a single dish and bring it in to share with everyone. You can coordinate this through a signup sheet where people list what they are bringing. A potluck helps to create a sense of community while also providing a more diverse range of foods than most catering services.

  3. Plan some fun activities: You want to plan some fun activities for the Thanksgiving office party. People will get bored fast if the only thing to do is eat and talk to coworkers. You could plan trivia contests with prizes or karaoke competitions. Have a holiday movie playing somewhere in the office to keep people in the Thanksgiving spirit.

  4. Keep your customers informed: A final tip is to remember to keep your customers informed. You want to change your phone messages and possibly your website to let customers know that your business is going to be closed for a Thanksgiving office party. This will help you to avoid losing business.



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