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15Mar. 2018

Not My Things!

Last night I was scrolling through Facebook at the end of a long day.  This is not uncommon for me, and I tend to find it rather soothing to mindlessly look at the lives and happenings of others.  Well, last night I was hit with an overwhelming theme across my friends.  This theme they were talking about could be due to spring coming up, or lent or a million other things, but it seems they are all talking about giving things up!

Now I don't mean things like T.V. or dessert (even though being without those things is tragic) they are giving up THEIR clothes!  Now.  Before I continue on, let me make the following statement.  I am aware I sound wretched and snobby.  There, now that we have that out of the way, let's continue.

It seems the point of this exercise is to purge out what is weighing your closet down and living a more simplistic life.  Has no one thought that my closet likes being fat?!  I immediately started sweating just thinking about having to choose things to get rid of. Panic would be an understatement.

Just for fun, I decided to take a look at what was in my closet.  There was a lot.  I mean, there were things that I think I had in 1996 and it was not a good look even then.  I wondered why I still had it?  Would I ever wear it again? I can place money on the fact that I won't. Was it possible that I had formed an unhealthy relationship with "things" and having them?

Here was a full closet with clothes varying in size from itty bitty to tent.  Colors, solids, patterns, cardigans, pants and skirts.  Anything you could want from any size or style range.  I decided to get very real with myself and my things.  There was about 80% of my closet that didn't fit me and never will again.  Ya, I know, I am going to become a triathlete and loose 100 pounds and wear all these clothes again.  Except I'm not. Never. Ever.

I decided to start purging.  It was hard at first, as certain items contained memories of events or people, but the memory wasn't attached to the clothing! It was part of me.  I started gaining some gusto and tugging things off hangers.  Next think I knew I was staring at roughly enough clothes for 3 days.  I may have become a bit over zealous, so I strategically replaced some items.

I now understand what the people on Facebook were saying.  My closet was lighter and in actuality the things in it had been weighing me down.  I have 2 big garbage bags full of things to bless others and that is the best feeling in the world.  The funny thing is, I love to give things to others.  I just never thought to go through my closet! In my mind, I needed what was in there!  What I needed was a swift kick in the pants, and I got it!

Can I encourage you to let go of some of the "things" in your life you may not need anymore?  Maybe it is clothes, maybe shoes, maybe books.  Whatever it is, take a look.  We all have things that we don't use, but we are so used to having them, we can't imagine NOT having them.  It is ok to let go.  In letting go, someone else gets the blessing!  How great is that!

Sometimes, less really is more.


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