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25Jul. 2016

No Judgment Here

It is that time of the year again!  The time of year that seemed so far off at one time....so out of reach, yet here it is.  Summer Break.  All the time I thought I had to plan and figure out what my kids were going to do all summer is gone.  It is go time.....and I have nothing.  Not one plan, commitment or camp scheduled.  I am that mother.  Now my kids are older  (17 and 14) so childcare is no longer an issue, but this struggle has been going on for years.

I am sure some of you have had your children's summer plans on a color coded chart and ready to go since March.  For that I applaud you.  Maybe it is out of necessity and your kids are small or maybe you are just a great planner, like the best planner ever. That being said, I feel there are some other moms like me out there.  Maybe the summer has just crept up on you too and you are left wondering what will become of your cherubs with no plan in place.

Let me tell you my plan for my kids this summer.  ABSOLUTELY NOTHING!  Yup, you read correctly....not a thing. Here is why.  I loved my summers as a child.  Running under the sprinkler with my sister then being allowed to eat a popsicle on the living rug (on our towels) while watching "Wheel of Fortune".  Playing school and getting to always be the teacher. I was older.  It was my right. We used our imagination and for some kids today it is a fleeting skill.  My Uncle would take us out on boat rides and try to get us to Waterski...to this day I haven't ever gotten up.  As we became teens we slept late, sat in the sun, hung out with friends and ate more ice cream than should be allowed. We stayed up late and had memories to last a whole school year!

I am fully aware times have changed. When I was growing up more moms were home and not working so the need for camps and programs wasn't as needed.   A lot of kids today are chained to their electronic devices and imagination is a fleeting art.  I want them to have a taste of what I had growing up! The connection with family, the memories and the lazy hazy fun of summer.  You can't experience that so well with you face glued to the TV.  So, no.  I have no plans for my kids this summer.  If they sleep until noon....well.... they do.  If they get a little too much sun being outdoors and active.....good.  If they are so bored they clean their rooms voluntarily....BONUS!  Kids are only kids for so long.  images

All to soon the real world will hit and they will be forced to be busy. Why should they be as exhausted from activity all summer as they are during the school year?

If you have your days planned and everything in your home is a well oiled machine because of necessity, I understand and no judgment!  You do what you need to! Everyone's family is different.  I totally get it!  I think having my son headed into his senior year of high school I am feeling nostalgic.....for my youth and his.  Very soon it will all be changing.  Do yourself a favor, don't judge yourself too harshly compared to others.  Everyone's needs are different.  I can tell you this. Whatever you are doing this summer with your kids you will get NO JUDGMENT from me!  How about you extend that same courtesy to someone else.


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