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1Aug. 2016

My Day At Downton Abbey

I admit it; I am late to the Downton Abbey phenomenon. My husband and I have just started watching it and are on season 2.  It would not be a stretch at all to say that we are hooked.  The clothes, the house, the tradition!  It is all so grand and we are eating it up!

I tend to have a hard a time separating fiction from reality. I like to insert myself into most things I watch and read and picture myself there.  I decided I was made for that time in history and should live as such.  The following is the slow humiliating decline of my day.

I woke up with the sun and rang my bell. Nothing happened.  Nothing.  I continued to ring.  Silence.

I went down to have breakfast and NOTHING was laid out. I sat in a dining chair and waited…..and waited.

I decided I needed to go to town and sat on the front step waiting for the car to pull around. I sat….and aside from giving my neighbors something to stare at; no car was brought around for me.

I waited for the dressing gong to ring for dinner and for someone to come and do my hair and dress me. I thought it best seeing as though I was still in my pajamas from having no answer to my morning bell. No one came.

I decided to retire for the evening. There was nothing else to do.  I sat in my room for what seemed like an eternity, waiting for someone to come braid my hair for bed.  Finally, I heard the door open to my room and I thought, "At last!  My maid has come to aid me in getting ready for bed!" Nope.  It was just my daughter wondering how long I was going to sit in a dark room.  (Hello….I can’t have lights on…it wouldn’t be accurate!!) She didn’t even address me as Her Ladyship.  Wow.  Has she learned nothing from being forced into watching this series?!

So, it is obvious to me that I am not married to Lord Grantham. My life is not Downton Abbey.  I have a blaring alarm clock, make my own coffee and breakfast, have a 08 Honda Accord….that I drive myself.   I make, serve and clean dinner and can’t be bothered to braid anything before bed.  I love it.  I love that I can watch this amazing series and pretend that I live it. I love that it transports you to a different time and that you can vividly enjoy all the pomp and circumstance.

Would it be nice to live in that way? Perhaps, but for now I will be happy and content with all I have, and enjoy it as thoroughly as anyone in the Crawley family would.  Maybe, just maybe, every once in a while I will put on a big hat and sip tea while answering to “My Lady.”  There’s nothing wrong with that, is there?


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