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3Dec. 2014

Making Homemade Holiday Cards: 3 Tips

The generic holiday cards sold in stores are convenient although they are also impersonal. A growing trend is to create homemade holiday cards that reflect your personality and the interests of the recipient. Making these cards is not difficult. A few tips will help you to create attractive and memorable homemade holiday cards.

  • Use rubber stamps: The first tip is to use rubber stamps when creating a homemade card. You can find rubber stamps for nearly any theme. The stamps are inexpensive, reusable and come in many sizes. There are even kits available so that you can make custom stamps. Rubber stamps let you quickly decorate cards, create a border or add intricate features. You can use various colors of ink to build interesting and professional looking designs on the card. A handful of rubber stamps can make creating a large number of holiday cards much easier.

  • Add depth and texture: You can make a homemade holiday card much more interesting and memorable by adding depth and texture. Think about attaching something like a flattened ribbon or a pressed flower to the front or inside of the card. You can use embossing powders to create raised borders or words on the card. Another option is to choose papers that have some texture on the surface to make things more interesting. Some people even create cards with fun popup or folding features.

  • Think in layers: The final tip is to think in layers when creating your homemade holiday cards. If you want to make cards fast, then you can build up the cards in layers. Use a solid piece of paper for the base of the card. Layer light-colored paper over a slightly larger piece of dark paper to quickly make a perfect border. Apply your stamps and colors in layers to make a more interesting design. Building you card in layers allows you create a kind of template. You can customize the template for each person when applying the last layer.



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