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9Aug. 2016

Like a Boss

As an entrepreneur or business owner, it should be your goal to continually grow as a boss.  Without growth, your business would most likely be at a stand still and not go as far as you would hope.  However, with the right attitude and dedication you will consistently grow as a leader, and in turn, grow as a company.  Change is ok!  Changing your mind or policies should never be seen as a side of weakness, rather a sign of strength!  If something isn't working or you see room to improve on a practice or a benefit you give your employees, you should DO IT!  It means you aren't afraid to change things for the better.   If you are interested in running your business LIKE A BOSS, follow these tips:

#1 Open your eyes and ears.  A closed-minded person will not get very far.  Listen and see what is going on around you.  Pick up on others ideas and run with them.  Getting employee feedback on what they would like to see happen or change is a great way to continue growing.  Sometimes they have great ideas that are just waiting to be acted on!

#2 Take a class.  You are never too old to go back to school.  Take a night class or even a leadership course that will benefit your already established skills.  You can only get better!

#3  Build your team.  Multiple heads are better than one!  If you have a stellar team backing you up and voicing their ideas, you will only build bigger and better things.  Thinking of changing vacation time?  Send out an email asking what employees are looking for.  It doesn't mean it is going to happen, but when you loose touch with the needs and what is important to your employees, you will start a downward spiral.

#4 Be generous!  Looking to motivate workers?  Nothing motivates more than employees having such a great package they don't want it taken away.  Seems so easy huh? Well, when it comes down to it, most people HAVE to work these days.....but they don't HAVE to work for you!  They CHOOSE to be where they are!  If you have a great workers, give them something that will motivate them to work hard and stay put.  You don't want to loose them!

#5  Accept losses.  If you can accept loss, mistakes and errors made on your behalf, you can only learn and grow from it.  Sometimes things don't work out and sometimes we mess up.  What we do with that is key.  We only lose if we don't allow those teaching moments to change us and help strengthen our business in the future!

Change is good and is a part of life. So keep on changing!  Your personal growth is sure to reflect in your business in a good way!

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