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22Jul. 2016

Kindness Matters

Never in my life has this phrase been more true.  Kindness Matters.  Such simple words that have such an impact.  What is it about these two words?  The word Kindness as defined by Webster's is: the quality of being friendly, generous, and considerate.  The verb form of Matters is defined:  to be of importance; have significance.  So placing these two words together creates a call to action. To be  friendly, generous and considerate is important and significant. But WHY is it so important? Couldn't we just carry on in life with no kind interaction and be just fine?  Couldn't we pretend we are not surrounded by others or the needs of others and just enjoy our own life?  I am sure that is a possibility, but I believe there is something distinctly human that creates a longing in us towards kindness.

The world seems to be at its worst these days and it doesn't seem to be on an upward swing.  There is evil, hurting, murder and fear around every corner.  The evening news carries more devastation then what it seems we can bear.  What can we do?  We are only one person!  We feel like we are in a pit of despair.  Then it happens.  Just when we need it.  We bear witness to a random act of kindness and the first thing we think is " how nice!!" or, we exclaim "finally something that restores my faith in the world and humanity"!  It is just the push we need to realize all is not lost.

So why does kindness matter?  Easy, it matters because it changes who I am and my outlook on the world.  When someone extends kindness towards me I am humbled by the generosity.  Someone just opening a door for me, or giving me a friendly smile.  Maybe paying for my coffee order.  It changes my outlook.  The cynicism that I once held towards my fellow man melts away.  It doesn't veil me from the evil in the world, I still know it exists, but it momentarily transports me to a place where there is nothing but kindness, respect and love for people.  It changes my attitude and restores my hope in people.

It also matters because when I extend kindness to others it has the ability to change someone's perspective on the world.  It can give them the feelings of warmth that kindness gives me. You don't know what someone else is going through.  Bad days, lay offs, death....these are all things we deal with.  When your gut says to be kind and extend kindness to someone, LISTEN!  It could be just what someone needed.  Giving kindness does double duty.  It can change someone else, but it most definitely changes me.  Giving someone kindness, even if it isn't deserved, works on my heart and builds me up.  It is for the other person, but it has an extra bonus of feeding my spirit.

Remember as you go on your day today whether with  work, school, commuting or vacationing, where ever you are, there is ALWAYS an opportunity to show kindness.  Exercise it regularly and it will be easier to show. In this world of strife, hatred and discord these words have never been more true or needed:   KINDNESS MATTERS



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