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28Jun. 2017

Keeping Your Kids Active In The Summer

With the end of school fast approaching I thought it would be good to talk about summer plans! Most of the time I tend to have ZERO plans for the kids through the summer.  In fact I wrote a post about having absolutely nothing planned for my kids a few years back.  There is nothing wrong with parents who over plan or parents who do no planning.  Everyone is just doing their best to keep chaos under control.

During school, it seems our kids are more active. They HAVE to get up and get going.  They HAVE to take Physical Education.  Most kids ARE taking extracurricular activities such as dance, baseball, or soccer.  Our kids seem to be very busy during the school year.  Then summer comes.  Now there may be kids that stay just as active in the summer with camps, activities, and swimming, but there are also kids (like mine) that end up sitting inside on their devices in the cool air conditioning and have no desire to go out and sweat!

I feel like it is my job to get my kids up and moving at least a few times a week or there will be a permanent grease mark where their bodies sit on the couch. So I have compiled some ideas for fun activities, some of which cost nothing, that are "teen approved." Though, I can usually coerce them into anything with the promise of ice cream at the end...

  • Mini Golf:  This is a budget friendly activity that is sure to please everyone!  It is a lot of fun and a great perk is usually your ice cream is on location!  One of our family favorite spots is Golf Acres in Westfield. Check it out!

  • Six Flags: I admit I am not a ride person.  I am a purse/backpack holder.  I wear my title proudly.  Six Flags is a big waste of money for me.  BUT it is totally worth it when you think of how much walking it gets in for the kids and usually I don’t have to make dinner once we get home because everyone is a little sun burnt, tired, and nauseous from that one last ride they had to take. Score for me!

  • Hiking:  This may take some convincing on the part of a parent - again, remind them of ice cream.  If hiking is on the agenda sometimes I don’t tell them.  I just say I have a surprise and wear sneakers.  Plus the looks on their faces when we get there - priceless.  There are lots of local places to hike from the Reservoir in Holyoke for a mild walk in nature, to Mount Tom for a more traditional hike with fantastic views!  Pack a picnic and have snacks at the top!

  • Pool Day:  If you have a pool, great!  If you don’t and know someone who does, use theirs.  I have found a lot of my family and friends who have pools don’t use them that often and are always willing to have my kids jump in and “stir things up a bit.”  Creating a pool day is a great way to be together.  Pretend you are at a resort!  Have music playing, create a cabana, have outdoor games, and food!

So as you can see, there are many different ways to keep your kids active in the summer and these are just a few ideas! We hope that you have a great summer with your family and that you have great success unplugging the kids and getting out and enjoying the season!


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