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14Jun. 2017

Keep Cool Without a Pool


The heat of the summer is here, and while it’s supposed to be a time of fun in the sun, it can be hard to stay cool while you’re out having a good time. We all know that one of the best ways to cool off in the summer is to take a dip in the pool. With all of the added risks, increased insurance costs, and required maintenance, sometimes having a pool just isn’t worth it. Here are some things you can do to beat the heat without a swimming pool.

  1. Get a kiddie pool. Yes, this is technically a pool, but since it’s about six inches deep and can cost less than $20, it’s not quite the same. Dip your toes in and enjoy a cool drink. You’ll feel cooler in no time.

  2. Freeze fresh fruit for a quick snack. Make kebobs or bag up some slices. When you get too hot, pull this healthy treat out of the freezer and enjoy.

  3. Add a fan. Solar powered fans, fan on long extension cords, or as an attachment to your smartphone, you can find a fan for nearly any occasion.

  4. Act like a kid again with water guns and super soakers. Make it an all out war with friends and family. You’ll play like you did when you were younger and cool off at the same time. Just remember - you might not recover like you did when you were younger, so take it easy!

  5. Play in the sprinklers. No pool? No problem! Put on your swimsuit, get the cheap garden sprinkler out, and start running through the water.

  6. Hose yourself down. Water fights with the hose aren’t just for kids. Now that you’re older and wiser, you can really soak your friends and family.

  7. Drench yourself, the family, and your friends with a water balloon fight. You’ll get exercise, fresh air, and that cool, wet feeling as the balloon explodes on your back.

  8. Buy yourself a mister. Fans are the most common, but even your backyard umbrella can get the job done if you find the right one.

  9. Let the kids play a different version of Duck, Duck, Goose. Instead of their hand, use a sponge. A little drip of water is duck and when they squeeze the water out of the sponge over your head, that’s the “goose!”

  10. Make yourself a slip and slide. A tarp, plenty of dish soap, and the water hose will give you hours of cool and wet backyard fun. For safety, make sure you have a flat surface, plenty of room, and that plenty of adults are present to watch out for the kids. Don’t let more than one person go down the slide at a time, either.

Staying cool this summer without a pool to help takes a little bit of creativity and a willingness to have some fun. By the time you start playing, you may not even notice the heat anymore. As with anything you do involving water or playing outside, make sure your yard is free of debris, keep an eye on kids, and always have a first aid kit around for accidents that may happen.


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