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15Aug. 2016

IT’S ALMOST TIME! Back To School Tips.

Yes, it is almost time. The anticipation, excitement, nervous bellies and apprehensive feelings can mean only one thing - SCHOOL IS COMING!  Funny how almost overnight the kids change from calm, cool and collected, enjoying the laziness of summer, to kids who are mourning the last bit of freedom and happiness they can muster.  They feel it, as we feel it.....only we, the parents, are super psyched!!!

Even with the silent protests, eye rolling and general malaise that accompanies most conversations surrounding school prep, it is important to make sure they start off on the right foot.   I have officially run out of cares at this time of the summer so the complaining is lost on me. They are going to go grumbling anyways, so why give them ONE MORE THING to complain about.  Here are some things to remember to help get the kids school year off to a stellar start.  (ok....maybe we aimed too high with stellar....I have teenagers.....its over for me. We are tired, tarnished and stained. We are aiming for mediocrity.  You young ones.......go get on with your excited pinterest selves.  Make those teacher welcome baskets and create your homework/housework chart complete with stickers....you do you.)

The Basics

  1. A three ring binder is the ultimate organizing tool for a student in any grade. Complete with pockets, pencil bags, and folders....you have all you need to keep your binder tidy.

  2. Notebook paper is essential.  Fellow parents, please, hear me.  This is one thing that is always in need and you never realize it until it is the day a project is due and your child KNOWS they brought their notebook home.....but didn't....and it is now 9pm and you are in your jammies and DO NOT want to go to CVS.  Please, for the love of jammies.......have notebooks and paper on hand.....in endless supply.

  3. Writing tools.  Ok....I am convinced pens and pencils are like lost socks in the dryer.  You know you had them.....then you don't.  I swear NOBODY can ever find a pen or pencil when it is homework time.  This realization is usually accompanied by pouting, tears and folded arms. The kids don't take it well either.  Please, buy pens.  When  you think you have too many, buy 2 more packages.  Make the cashier think you are part of some black market pen ring.  You won't be sorry.  While you are at it.....make sure you have erasers too.  Trust me.

  4. Refill ink cartridges you may not think are important until your teenager has to print out a report with full color maps of the entire world.  Nothing puts more of a damper on a night than having to drive to a relatives house to use their ink or worse yet......go buy some.  Save yourself the hassle and just go get it and have it ready to go!

  5. Quick snack food that it is ready to go.  My kids are procrastinators, especially if it is something they don't want to do! If there isn't a snack handy, my daughter will start baking.......all for a snack and to delay homework.  Keep food handy and ready to go.  No excuses.

  6. Try to designate a good space for them to work.  From experience, this is not their bedrooms.  Learn from my mistakes.......will there be things happening in their rooms?  Absolutely!  Will any of it be school work.  Heck NO!  Unless you have a highly motivated scholastic child, there are WAY too many distractions in the bedroom.  A family room or dining room, close to where you are for questions or help is a great place!

  7.  If you have a child that is just leaving this year for college, you may not need to get as many supplies and cozy work spaces mapped out, but you may need to help prepare them in other ways.  Talk to your insurance agent about how we can help with your child as they go off to school as far as discounts and vehicle changes.  We are here to help at Ross Insurance.

These are just some tips to try to help you have a seamless start to the school year.  You know your family best and what works and what doesn't.  We have all been there.  Some years we are June Cleaver and some years Roseanne Barr is a stretch. Do your best to help prepare the kids and they will do their best!  That is all we can ask!


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