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23Sep. 2016

Insuring Your Jewelry

I have a ring.  It is an old ring that was my great, great grandmothers.  I am told it was her engagement ring and it is has a lot of history.  It is irreplaceable.  There is another ring I wear - my wedding ring.  Far more expensive than the first but not any more important to me.  They are both special and for very different reasons.  I would be devastated should anything happen to either ring.  There is an emotional value that we have on jewelry.  Sometimes putting on a certain necklace or ring brings back memories of when it was given to you, or if it is an heirloom, reminds of you the person who made you love the piece to begin with.

Sadly things happen and sometimes the items we love are stolen, or damaged.  While the memories last an eternity, its unfortunate when something happens to your treasured items.  Repairing damaged jewelry alone can cost a fortune, and losing or having your items stolen is heartbreaking.

Sounds horrible, doesn't it?  Wait! We have good news!  Jewelry is covered under your homeowners insurance policy! Now let me explain this a little because there are details here you need to know.  Yes, jewelry is covered for theft on the basic homeowner policy and is also limited to the covered perils that are listed on that policy.  Want better coverage than that?  Here is what you do.....schedule you jewelry on your homeowners policy.  Get your local Massachusetts insurance agent an original receipt for the piece you want to add or an appraisal of the piece and we will add it to your policy.  There is a  premium for the coverage BUT you get the confidence of knowing that should something happen to your jewelry or even a stone fall out of your engagement ring, you are covered.

Please don't forget about this easy way to cover what you care about.  So many people put it out of their heads or don't even know this kind of coverage exists.  We want you to know about the coverage and get it so when you are driving and catch a glimmer of your ring and it makes you smile, you can be sure that you have done all you can to keep it safe!

At Ross Insurance Agency we are glad to answer any questions you may have about scheduling your jewelry and are ready to assist you in your decision to protect your valuables.



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