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12Oct. 2016

Insurance Myths: Fact or Fiction?

Before I started working in the insurance industry, I have to admit, I bought into a lot of "myths" about owning a car.  We could also phrase these as misunderstandings that people have.  For example, premium gas is better for your car, red cars get more speeding tickets, and collision insurance covers all damages to my car.  All of things at one time or another I thought were true.  They are actually wrong, and here is why:

  • Most vehicles run just fine with regular grade fuel (87 octane).  A higher octane number means that the fuel is less likely to experience pre ignition problems related to high-compression engines.  If your car is designed for regular fuel, it won't hurt it to use premium fuel, but it won't help it either.  Refer to your owners manual for more information on the right fuel for your car so you don't waste money on fuel your car doesn't necessarily need.

  • Red cars don't actually get more seeding tickets than any other colored car.  This myth has been around for years and up until doing the research on my own, I totally could understand why this would be true.  The color red is easy to pick out of a crowd of cars because of it's vibrant appearance and if you have a flashy red car, then surely you are willing to push the speed limit boundaries to "show what your red car can do"!  Research done in 1990 of the St. Petersburgh Florida Times took a deep look into this myth and counted the colors of each car in the area.  They later looked through police records to review which cars had been recently ticketed and found that the percentages of each color were almost exactly the same.  (plus my grandfather drives a red car and 5 under the speed limit is too fast for him)

  • The difference between collision and comprehensive coverage.  Most times, people associate a collision with any kind of damage to your car, which is not how your Massachusetts auto insurance policy works.  If you carry collision coverage you insurance will respond if you car is involved in a collision with another car or an object other than an animal.  Comprehensive coverage responds if your car is damaged due to a natural or civil disturbance including hail storms, fire, theft, vandalism and contact with a bird or animal.  These two coverages work together to provide you the broadest protection possible.

After clearing up these theories for myself, I was able to see the only way to be sure about what you are hearing from others, and if it is true, is to research it for yourself!  Don't just rely on what others tell you!  This is why it is important to have a great local agent you trust and feel comfortable with that you can call ask questions to.  If you have the right agent to help and explain things to you, you'll be surprised how much you can learn in just a short time!


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