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22Nov. 2013

Improving air quality at the office

Now that there is a cold nip in the air and the heat is kicking on more frequently at your workplace, you may want to think about ways to improve the indoor air quality for yourself and your employees at the office. Here are some tips to help you and your workers breathe easier this winter:

  • Don’t be afraid to open a window every once in a while. Sometimes the air inside can get stale simply because there is no new air inside. The same air gets recirculated over and over again when the windows stay closed. Open them up for brief periods of time to refresh the indoor air.

  • Clean up. Set aside some time each week for your employees to clean up their workspaces. Having too much paperwork or other clutter can make your workplace extra dusty. Plus, working in a clean environment can help your employees focus better and hopefully get more work done.

  • Vacuum regularly. Use a vacuum with a HEPA filter to reduce allergens and impurities in the air.

  • Add some plant life to the office. Plants take in carbon dioxide and produce oxygen which of course is needed by us humans. Adding a plant or two can really help the air quality.

  • Skip those air fresheners. Unfortunately air fresheners do little more than mask stale air and add more impurities to it. Leaving them out of the workplace will help keep the air cleaner.

Keeping the air as clean as possible for your employees will help reduce sickness and help keep your employees at work. If you do have a sick employee let them know that they are better off staying home than coming in. Let them recover at home to reduce the chance of spreading illness to others.


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