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16Jun. 2017

If A Tree Falls…

As we enter into this summer season, there is one thing that comes to my mind.  Thunderstorms.  When I was growing up I hated thunderstorms.  I couldn't sleep until it was over.  More than once I would purposely wake up my sister....because misery loves company.

Now that I am older I don't mind them, and my husband down right LOVES them.  He will sit out on the front porch and watch it come in and stay right there the whole time.

Whether you are pro storm or no storm we all can agree they have the potential to do some pretty serious damage!  With storms there can be hail, lightening, and wind damage. One minute everything is calm and sunny and the next there is a tree laying across where your driveway was.

There can be a lot of confusion especially when it comes to trees falling.  Whose responsibility is it to remove the tree when it falls due to a storm or wind.  Well, the answer may not be what you think.  It doesn't matter whose tree it is.....it matters where it falls.  If there is a large microburst and your tree falls into your neighbors yard on top of their car, it is their responsibility to have it removed and cover the damage.  If your neighbors tree, in a storm, falls into your roof, it is your responsibility to have it removed and your roof repaired.

This is why it is so important to be sure you are covered properly on your auto and home insurance.  It is also important to not let any of your insurance lapse in coverage from not paying the premium.  The last thing you want is a tree limb for a new chandelier in your dining room with no insurance to help you recover.

If you have questions on whether you carry the proper coverage, like comprehensive on your auto, or have had a situation like this happen, please contact us at 413-536-8380.  Ross Insurance is always happy to guide you through your policy and answer your questions.


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