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6Jul. 2016

I Love A Good Storm

It feels like it has been ages since there was a good storm where I live.  Yes, we have had the occasional crash of distant thunder or sudden flashes of heat lightning, but that isn't what I want.  I want the storm when the sky turns black.  The wind kicks up and the tress appear to be dancing in it.  Rain seems to come in sideways, so heavy at times you can't see through it.  I want the thunder to shake the house. I want lightning that illuminates the sky.....but we haven't had anything close to that.

When my kids were younger, my husband and I would sit out on the front porch with them watching the storm come in.  Funny how you can sense it....then see it rolling in.  We would huddle together so no one would get too wet and just watch.  Every once and a while a large clap of thunder would catch us off guard and little heads would bury into our arms.  We would count between the thunder and lightning and try to guess how far away it was.  Such wonderful summer nights.  You would think these storms would have upset us. It had turned our day topsy turvy and we could no longer do what was planned. It did just the opposite.  We all sat peacefully and waited for the storm to pass.

That's the thing about storms.  They don't last forever.  They can come in quickly and sometimes without any warning. They can create havoc and devastate, but the storm always passes.  That is a lesson in life for us.  We are merrily on our way, nothing bad to speak of and BAM!  Hear comes some thunder.  Or others of us may feel like just when they have picked up from one storm another one is on the horizon.  It is how we react to the storms that matter.  Just like in nature, non of us are exempt from stormy weather.  It is almost guaranteed that we will run into these storms at some point or another.  Here are some things to take away and remember to help with the storms in your life

Storms are powerful.  They can do a lot of damage, but if you withstand the storm, think of what is waiting at the end!  Have you ever taken a deep breath after a storm.  The way the air seems lighter, cooler and fresher!  At the end of your storm a heaviness may be lifted and you can see things clearer than you could before.

Storms bring about change.  Storms bring change in the temperature and atmosphere.  There is a noticeable difference when they have passed.  Embrace the storm you are withstanding knowing when it is over there will be great change.  You may not have asked for it (we rarely do ask for storms) but you can allow yourself to change for the better because of it!

Storm clouds eventually give way to sun.  Even when we are in the pit of the storm and the dark clouds are everywhere, we know it is a matter of time before the skies clear.  In life, when those storm clouds are overhead and it feels they will never leave, remember this...... as long as there is air (a deep breath) clouds will move.  They have to.  Wind causes them to move (almost as quickly as they came) giving way to the first streak of sun, and if we are lucky, a rainbow.  Keep breathing and let that peace push those daunting clouds out of the way.  It may take some time but eventually the storm clouds of life are replaced with the peace that comes from not fighting the storm but embracing it.

We choose how we deal with the storms of life. We can barricade in the house, scared of what the lightning will expose or block our ears as not to hear the thunder.  What if that lightning and thunder was trying to clear something up in your life?  Remove something heavy in your atmosphere to make room for lighter clearer air.  I for one look at each storm as a sign of strength, change and eventual peace!  That is why I can say with all certainty......I love a good storm!


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