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10Oct. 2016

I Am Upset

I am upset.  I am actually more than upset. I am frustrated, sad, nervous and angry at the state of the world in which I live in, and mournful for the childhood I had.  Maybe it was the total lack information at your disposal but if it didn't come out in the paper, or on the 5 o'clock news....you probably didn't know about it

I am upset that there were 2 fights at my children's school that involved multiple people and required the police.  I am upset because people feel shafted and some of them think creating chaos is their only hope of being heard. I am upset that there are hungry people going to bed at night.  I am upset because some people are so lonely and desperate that taking their own lives is the only answer have.   I am upset because a hard days work makes less money then the average family needs to survive.  I am upset because drugs, gambling, prostitution and other addictive issues are so common among people that no one is shocked by it anymore.  I am upset because lying and cheating your way to the top is acceptable, while morals and principals are seen as weakness.  I am upset because the fear of offending someone has become more of a concern than speaking truth and love.  I am upset because hatred is rearing its ugly head more and more. So much, in fact, that I am sure there are some people who can't even recognize kindness.

We are believing the lies that say:

  • ALL Father's are incapable morons

  • ALL Women who enjoy their careers are heartless feminist tyrants

  • ALL People with money can't possibly have compassion for the poor

  • ALL People of color are up to no good

  • ALL Blue collar workers are unintelligent

  • ALL White collar workers are disconnected from reality

  • ALL Police officers are the enemy

  • ALL Our hope lies in politicians

  • ALL Addicts deserve what they get

  • ALL Homelessness is a result of poor financial decisions or alcoholism

We know that SOME of the above MAY be trued in SOME cases, but NOT ALL! People, it is a head game.  Yes, I do believe there is a war being waged, but the one I am thinking of is not with guns and tanks.  It is in our minds.  What we believe of people and circumstances has power.  It has the power to show kindness and empathy or the power to belittle  and demean.  It is high time we took our heads back and started aligning them with our hearts.  Get involved in a homeless shelter or food bank.  Listen to their stories!  Volunteer with drug rehab programs where people are desperately trying to gain control of their lives.  Work a suicide prevention hotline and offer hope.  Thank you local police officers.  Don't judge or lump all situations into one group. Remember one bad apple doesn't ruin the whole bag!

I so badly don't want my children to go to school and witness fighting or bullying.  I don't want to worry about people profiling based on skin color or finances.  I don't want our men and women in blue to feel unappreciated.  Yet, this is the world we live in.  How do we change it?  By making a conscience decision in our MINDS to.

I can be upset about all of the above, but I will never be upset or disappointed in how I respond and react to it - with kindness, patience, compassion and love.



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