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10Nov. 2014

How To Prepare For Employee Absences

Many employers dread the winter months because this is a time when employees often take sick days. Business often lose money and miss deadlines when employees take days off from work. The business's reputation may also suffer. However, taking the time to prepare will make it a lot easier for one to deal with employee absences. Below are some of the ways employers can deal with employee absences:

Make sure your employees are clear on the absence policy

Now is a great time for you to go over the absence policy with your employees. You may also want to give out paperwork that explains the absence policy in detail. The policy should cover things such as sick pay, the amount of absences a person is allowed and what the employee needs to do if he or she will be out of work due to a long-term illness.

Additionally, you may also want to get some feedback from your employees on the absence policy. Getting feedback from your employees helps you create a policy that works for them and the business.

Communicate with your employees communicating with your employees is one of the key things you can do to deal with absences. If one of your employees calls in sick, then you should call them later on in the day. Ask them how they are feeling.

Have a return to work interview

Many employers find that it is beneficial to have a return to work interview. If you choose to have a return to work interview for your employees, then it should focus on their well-being and health. You should also be positive and tell your employees that they are a valuable asset to the organization. Furthermore, you should provide your employees with the support that they need to return to work.



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