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3Oct. 2017

How To Deal With Traffic Jams

We have all been there. Zooming along the highway, listening to your favorite song on a beautiful day.  Or maybe you drive for a living and you are going on hour 6.  Your tailbone hurts and you are so close to being home you can taste it.  Then it happens.  Ahead of you, disrupting the beautiful skyline is nothing more than a sea of red.  Taillights as far as the eye can see.

Seriously? You are so close!

Your mind starts racing.  Is there another way home?  Can I get off at another exit and try my luck at a back road?  Great! The next exit is 16 miles away.  Forget that.  What is one to do?

Well, sadly if you have been driving for any period of time you have run into your fair share of traffic jams and hold ups. They are inconvenient and always seem to happen when you actually have someone where to be, or just can’t wait to get home!  We know that traffic can bring out the worst in people so we have some thoughts on how to get through a heavy traffic situation hopefully without incident.

  • Road Rage Abounds. During a traffic jam people tend to lose their minds a bit.  No one is happy to sit, so bad decisions are made, horns are blown, and anger is evident. Observe those around you.  Look out for those illegally driving in breakdown lanes and shoulders.  Stay calm, don’t let those that cut you off or wait for the last minute to merge get to you.  Accidents can happen from being angry.  Don’t be that person.

  • Let Mergers In. This is not your time to play judge and jury.  Would it help traffic if these people got into the correct lane earlier?  Of course!  It isn’t helping for you to not let them in to prove a point.  As Nike said “Just Do It.”

  • Never Tailgate. This is something you should never do but it is especially dangerous during heavy traffic.  You think it is finally letting up so you floor it only to be met with red brake lights in front of you and quickly stop.  I can tell you from experience (and I am sure you have experienced this too) stopping quickly is never a good idea!

  • Be Observant. Keep your eyes open for emergency vehicles like police, ambulance, and tow trucks.  You never know what is causing the back up and blocking these vehicles not only is keeping them from helping others, but it's keeping you stuck in traffic, also.

  • Obey Construction Speed Limits. This is big.  If they are telling you to go slower, do it.  There are bumps, grooved payment, concrete barriers and people working.  Slowing down can help ensure safety for you and others.  Plus speeding tickets and fines cause major financial issues for your insurance! Trust me, it isn’t worth it!

We promise you will eventually get to where you are going. Just sit back, find a good radio station and enjoy the slow ride.


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