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12May. 2017

How To Deal With Seasonal Allergies

Ah, the cinematic signs of spring.  Birds chirping, trees budding, plants flowering, the distant sound of a lawn mower.  All of these things are sure fire signs that spring, is in fact here.  Makes you want to spend as much time outside as possible, soaking up the sun and smelling the fresh air.  Except you can't.

There are some other signs of spring that are just as iconic - pollen everywhere, dirt being turned up, grass clippings flying through the air, lilacs blooming.  Sounds very earthy huh?  Like it should be amazing?  Well, it isn't.  When you have spring allergies you become a home dweller.  Running around like a maniac on the nicest of days and closing up windows to prevent contaminating the precious air in your home.  You are forced to wear a painters mask to bring out patio furniture to keep your excessive sneezing at bay (it actually works).  You tempt fate by overtaking allergy medicine hoping for sweet relief from the itch in your throat and the constant river leaving your eyes.  The world is passing you by as you stand in the sterile fortress of your home.

Now, there are people that have never had allergies that will not understand this.  My husband is one of these people who looks at me after my 10th sneeze and says "I'm gonna need you to stop."  Wow, because sneezing until I have a bloody nose is on my top 10 for today, too, dear.

If you are like me and suffer with seasonal allergies, here are some tips to help you get through the season:

  • LOCAL HONEY:  They say if you buy and eat local honey it can build up immunity through gradual exposure to local allergens.  I would recommend eating honey, drinking honey, bathing in it.  Get all the honey.  ALL OF IT.

  • MASK OFF:  So to say I was highly offended when my husband brought out the painting mask for me to wear would be an understatement.  I couldn't believe he took my misery, and threw a mask at it.  Well, people - it works.  I looked like a fool, BUT I was able to be outside with the family without sneezing.  I wouldn't recommend this long term, due to it being hot and gross BUT it certainly helps!

  • DRUG UP:  Always check with your doctor on what is best and recommended for your allergies. Most allergy medicines are over the counter now and come in many forms. Nasal Sprays, Eye Drops, Pills, Non-Drowsy etc.  Don't be a hero.  Take the pills.

  • SHOWER:  Taking a quick shower after being outside during peak allergen seasons helps to wash all the pollen off of you instead of transferring it around your furniture.  If you can't take a shower, then at least change your clothes and run a brush through your hair for the same reasons - it gets rid of the pollen.

Listen, this time of the year is beautiful.  It's just hard to see it through the swollen, itchy eyes.  Try some of the above tips and maybe you can unglue yourself from the pollen report on the local weather channel and enjoy the great outdoors, that is, until fall allergies start.


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