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12Jul. 2016

How Does a Trampoline Impact Your Massachusetts Homeowner’s Insurance?

Those of us with children or grandchildren have heard the question.  "Can we get a trampoline? Please?"  Trampolines may be a lot of fun, but they include their fair share of risk.  Yes, the kids may beg for one, but before caving and being the fun parent, you may want to investigate potential dangers and safety precautions.  It may also be wise to call your local Insurance Agent to find out whether the addition of a trampoline will impact your Massachusetts homeowner's insurance premium.

It is possible that your insurance company may have no exclusion or protest to you putting up a trampoline, and coverage for your trampoline may be included in your standard homeowner's policy.  On the other hand, your insurance company may provide coverage for your trampoline only if you take certain safety precautions, like installing a safety net around the trampoline, padding the springs or fencing in the back yard with a locked gate.  Should you decide to buy a trampoline, it should be placed on flat, level, solid ground, away from trees.

It is also possible that your insurance company may completely exclude trampoline coverage and not permit them.  That means if a child is using that trampoline and becomes injured, there will be no payment to you from your insurance company if you are sued or required to pay medical expenses.  That is why it is ALWAYS a good idea to be cautious and ask first.  A simple phone call to your agent to discuss what kind of home coverage you have and what the requirements are for a trampoline can save you a huge headache.  Saying "no" to the trampoline, if your homeowner's insurance doesn't allow it,  protects yourself, and those at your home.  Safety always comes first!


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