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1Sep. 2017

High School and College Drivers

There is no question that one of the most irritating things we need to do as parents is add our newly licensed drivers to our auto insurance policies.  We have seen a lot of different reactions in the office.  There has been sweating, swearing and people laughing in disbelief.  There has been shock and a general glazed over eye look.  Having a new driver I completely understand.  It is a risk to the insurance company to have a young, inexperienced driver behind the wheel and unfortunately you pay for it.  We want you to know that there are some ways your high school and college age driver can help you save money on your policy.  I mean, it is the least they can do, right?

  • Be a good student.  Most of the auto insurance companies offer a discount if you are a good student.  The qualifications can vary by company so it is a good idea to call your local Massachusetts auto insurance agency to get the details.  You want them to do well in school anyways, so here is a little added incentive!

  • Be a good driver.  Texting or being distracted in the car as well as causing an accident is a sure fire way to increase your auto insurance premium (which is already high enough). The best thing you can do is drive safely.

  • Be away at school.  If you are planning to or already are away at school you could qualify for a student away discount.  Just like the good student discount, you will want to check with your local agent to see if your company offers it, but if they do and you are 100 miles or more away from home you could get a discount.

We know that the added expense of a new driver isn't something that anyone enjoys, but we hope that, with the above tips, you can maybe ease a little of the new driver financial burden.  If you have any questions regarding the good student or student away discounts, please call Ross Insurance! We would love to help you navigate these new driver waters and help get you the best deal for the best coverage possible!



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