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29Jun. 2016

HGTV and Real Life

I can simultaneously love and hate HGTV.  In one second I love to see the inspiration and transformation stories and in the next second I am screaming at the TV when people in Home Depot pass up the chance to be on Yard Crashers.  I mean, I haven't seen your yard, but I am pretty sure ANYONE in their right mind should say YES! I think my yard is pretty nice and I would call my kids to destroy it on our way home to be on that show.

One thing that these types of shows do, is inspire the average person to do a home remodel or addition.  It makes it easy for us to see what our homes could be (especially if there was no budget)!  We think about Chip and Joanna making a ship lap feature wall, or Kitchen Crashers giving us the gourmet French countryside kitchen of our dreams.

One thing that a lot of people forget to do is let their insurance agent know they have done remodeling/updates or added an addition to the home.  We are all for people knowing what we have done to increase resale or seeing how our sweat equity has increased our home value, but we forget to protect all that hard work!  If we are that excited that our remodel has added $75,000 in value to our home, shouldn't we want to be sure in the case of a tragedy we recoup some of that?

When we fail to let our insurance agent know about changes we have made to our home we put ourselves in a bad position.  The insurance company has a value on your home.  That figure they have is what it would cost to replace your home in the case of a loss. Consider this, you have put a $75,000 kitchen in your home and it burns to the ground, do you only want to recoup the builder grade kitchen that the company has on file?  Of course not!!!

The easiest way to protect your largest investment, you home, is to keep your home insurance agent up to date on any changes you are doing.  Do you need to let them know you changed paint colors or bought a new shower curtain?  Of course not.  We are talking large changes to your home that either increase the value or change the square footage.  A quick call to discuss your Massachusetts homeowners insurance policy with us today could save you a lot of hassle down the road. It is your home and money...Protect what you perfect!


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