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3Aug. 2016

Grill Safety Tips

Who doesn't love a perfectly cooked steak or burger fresh off the grill.

Perfect grill marks. Nice and juicy. Perfect smoke flavor.

I know I do!  Most people I know turn their grill into their summer cooking device.  Let's face it, the kitchen stays cooler and the food somehow tastes better.  You can now cook your entire meal on a grill and not have to set foot into the hot box that is the kitchen.

Having people over and enjoying a nice grilled meal (and dessert....yup....you can grill that too) is one of the great memories of summer.  BBQ's, picnics and just plain old dinner all get a summer boost and is savored by those eating.

It is, however, important to practice grill safety.  This is crucial for day to day grilling as well as during parties.  Here are some grill safety tips:

Keep your grill a safe distance from your house.  The heat from a grill if it is too close can melt siding and cause a fire.

Never grill in an enclosed space.  It is important to keep your grill in a well ventilated out door area.

Have a "grill safety zone" during a party.  Make sure young children stay away from the grill as most grills are at the perfect height for tiny hands and fingers.  Make sure all children are aware of where the "zone" is.

Keep a fire extinguisher handy.  Even the best grill can have a flare up or shoot flames.  Always be prepared incase this happens.  Having a garden hose or fire extinguisher near by can save valuable time if a grease flare up causes a fire.

Use a meat thermometer.  Not sure if your food is done?  Check the internal temperatures.  Grill thermometers come with a handy gauge so you can be sure to not give your guests food poisoning.

Remember it is fire you are dealing with.  It is dangerous and should be respected. Don't ever try to adjust the heat or fire with lighter fluid.

If you do have a grilling accident or injury on your property, your Massachusetts homeowners insurance would respond, but taking these steps will help you enjoy your grilling safely!



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