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20Jan. 2014

Get the right insurance policy for your business

If you own a business, you know the need for a good business insurance policy. You probably are aware of the basic coverage that is offered to every business, but your business is special. It’s unique. It deserves its own insurance plan that will cover all those problems that could happen. We hope those problems never do happen for you, but we want to be there to help if they ever do.

Every policy may be different, but there are some parts of every business insurance policy that come standard. Basic property damage and general liability are two of those standard coverages you will receive. However, you can certainly go into more depth with additional and expanded coverage for each.

Business interruption insurance is one of those property coverages you may not think about when you are in the process of buying your insurance plan. However, there are plenty of times when your business may have to close for reasons far out of your control. But when your business isn’t functioning, that doesn’t mean the bills will stop coming. You can opt for business interruption insurance to keep a business income while your business is recovering from the lost time.

Also, you may want to include errors and omissions coverage on your liability policy. In the event that a third party suffers a loss due to negligence or mistakes made inadvertently by you or your employees, you will have coverage for the loss that third party endures.

Protecting your business should be a main priority for you. We can help tailor fit a business insurance policy to suit your business the way you run it. We will offer suggestions for coverage as well as explain all types you might consider. Just give us a call and we can get started right away.



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