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5Oct. 2016

Get Out, Get Active

With winter gone its time to finally break out of our hibernation mode and start getting more active. Problem is that we might have hibernated a little too much this year and packed on a few extra holiday pounds than we’d like to admit. It's easy to bury yourself in blankets with your desire for comfort food to fight off the cold chill that winter brings. It's a routine we are all familiar with and seem to partake in, except for the occasional risk taker who will drive through any New England blizzard for that rewarding workout. Who are we kidding? It's hard enough getting out of bed for work never mind to work out! Even the groundhog knows better than to poke its head out before they think its time and just like some of us, this wise yet hesitant creature seems scared of its own shadow as well.

The weather is no longer frightful so it's time to get up and enjoy it. The best part about spring is that it's the transition season from snow banks to clam bakes, and the humidity that comes with summer. But let's stay focused and live in the now, and right now the weather has its occasional showers here and there but only to quench natures thirst. Something has to make those beautiful flowers and plant life grow. While the weather is nice, here are a few ideas of how to get the most out of your New England weather.

- Whether you are taking a walk around the park or sitting on a blanket while your children and animals play, taking advantage of any park your familiar with is a great way to get outdoors and spend quality time. Pack a lunch and make a day out of sitting in the grass. A deck of cards and some finger sandwiches is enough to hold over any antsy child, and if plan A fails bring a Frisbee or a ball to play catch and watch how easy it is to enjoy life outside of the living room.

- Pack the car up with the kids and fill the tank! A destination drive is another way of incorporating the family. Picking out a destination gives the excitement of reaching it, whether it’s a half hour away or hours away, rolling down the windows and taking in fresh air is nature’s own air conditioning to your body!

- Who needs Fenway when your city has its own all star team? Enjoying a local athletic game is a perfect chance to meet your neighborhood and showing your support to little leaguers will help them feel more like the real deal. The best part is you can bring your own refreshments, and any seat in the bleachers is a good one, and you can often times bring your own seat if you’d prefer. For schedules of events check your local newspaper or visit masslive.com.

So pack the winter clothes away because warm weather is here to stay, for now at least!


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