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19Sep. 2016

Fall Home Maintenance Tips

We are all familiar with that feeling - the one when you open your front door and for the first time in a long time, you are met with cool refreshing air.  Gone are the sticky, humid mornings - the sweating while standing still and the constant humming of the air conditioners and fans.  In its place are cracked opened windows and a heavier sweatshirt. There is just something about the way a fall morning smells!  While there are great reasons to be excited about fall, the change of seasons can also serve as a great reminder to take care of some maintenance around the house.  Below are a few fall home maintenance tips to help you get your home ready for the new season:

  • Properly shut off A/C systems.  When uninstalling your air conditioner be sure to store it in a safe location away from water to prevent damage.  Keeping it in a box or up off the floor is a good idea. Ensure that central air conditioners are cleaned before switching temperatures over to heat your home.

  • Service the heating system.  Make sure that your heating system is properly equipped for those cook fall evenings.  It is also wise to replace filters in your heating system so that your system works to its full potential.  Having your system serviced and cleaned is an expense but the peace of mind from knowing it is cleaned and working properly is priceless.

  • Clean out the gutters.  As the winter approaches it is important to get all the leaves and pine needles that have fallen through the fall out of the gutters.  Gutters that are full of debris and leaves can't do their job properly and can create a backup and water will not be able to drain properly.

  • Check for damaged shingles on the roof.  Before the snow begins to fall and ice begins to accumulate, ensure that your roof is up to par so that it is equipped to handle heavy snow loads.

  • Check caulking around windows and doors.  Caulking, or waterproof sealant is used to keep water out and it also serves as an insulator against the drafty winter air that so often can seep through doors and windows.  Adding the weather stripping or caulking can help insulate against the draft and help keep moisture out.

These are just a few ways to help get your home fall and winter ready!  Your home is your biggest investment...make sure it is taken care of and insured properly and you will have a lifetime of enjoyment there!


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