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11Sep. 2016

EFT Payment Options

Wouldn't it be nice if your Massachusetts Auto Insurance and Homeowners' Insurance could pay for itself?  Have you ever found yourself being engulfed in life so much that you forget simple things like, where your car keys are, if you fed the kids or when a bill is due?  We have all been there.  In our home, bills get put on the foyer table.  From there? It is anyone's guess.  If I am cleaning piles get picked up and moved or hidden.  Then, as the old saying goes, out of sight out of mind.  The problem is that when you forget to make a payment, as innocent a mistake as it may be, you are subject to late fees and double bills which just adds to the frustration.  What if I told you there was a way you don't have to worry about remembering how much you owe or what day a payment is due! Would you be interested?

An electronic funds transfer, or EFT, service may be just what you need!  EFT means that your money is automatically electronically moved from your bank account to whatever bill is being paid, such as you Massachusetts insurance policies.  This means you no longer have to remind yourself when a payment is due, because it is all taken care of for you!

We understand the hectic nature of life!  We want to try to make it a little easier for you.  The options for EFT will depend on what company your insurance policy is written with and in some cases you actually save some money with EFT because the fee is much less then getting a monthly paper bill in the mail.  Calling your Massachusetts Auto and Home agent is the first step in signing up for EFT and enjoying the freedom that comes from not having to track payments.  If you are busy and need one less thing to worry about, EFT may be the perfect plan for you!



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